Infinity Degrees of Lou Reed

Since we’re playing link games…

Post someone who has worked directly with the person in the preceding post, with or without personal anecdote.

David Bowie produced Transformer. I’ve never seen Bowie live, which sucks. My wife has, which sucks waaaaaay more.

I learnt to play Space Oddity on guitar when I was 19 but have since forgotten how. I liked Absolute Beginners a lot more than I should have when it was released. A lot, lot more, cos it’s pretty ■■■■.

■■■■ Wagner - best name in R&R.

Alice Cooper. Another wierd name.

Meatloaf. (Worked with Cooper on the movie "Roadie")

Tim Curry aka Frank N. Furter

Macauley Culkin

Michael Jackson

I remember that feeling when I learnt what the Velvet Underground meant.

It's a synonym for Vagina.


He he he.

Mick Malthouse. 


I knew Michael Jackson would follow Macauley Culkin.


Ooop! Double meaning!

NB I am a huge Michael Jackson fan

Garry Glitter

Rolf Harris

jamie redferns mum


Rock Hudson

Fabulous Hudson Hornet

Bill Cosby