Injury Update from the club

Except Joey D’s tackle coach.

Excellent sock-tucking technique.


Yep, always imagined him with a rubber band attached from the base of his cranium to the hams, ready to snap at any second.

Who said the Mosquito won’t get a game next season???

He would be a bit of a long shot unless he is ridiculously talented. With endurance one of the things he can improve, and high school to do, it will be difficult for him to get fit enough for AFL.

It wouldn’t surprise me if the lightweight Ham gets a run in front of him.

This is why it should be shirts off and bibs only

Personally I am really grateful for this insight from the club. I don’t recall such a detailed insight into where players are at in the previous years. It is great to understand exactly why Hep and Dev are doing light loads and where all the long term injured players are at. Great work Bombers.


As long as it’s not like Lloyd’s finger injury.

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I’ve still not forgiven that dog Kretiuk.

Or was it Kolyniuk?

Either way… dog.

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Kretiuk. Tried to bully Lloydy a couple of times. Didn’t work that night.

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Tippa says hi!

Lol, it’s a finger injury and it’s November. Everybody calm the ■■■■ down.


any excuse for the MOZ

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You must be new. Welcome to bb.



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Sorry my bad!

Ok, so over on the Daniher thread Blitz has decided to trade him to Melbourne for Oliver. Who do we trade Raz for before this career ending finger injury kills his trade value?

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We should have traded him well before we ruined him, for at least The Bont plus steak knives.

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Good point. From now on we should trade our good players before they have a career ending injury.

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At least!
Until it actually gets to trade period, of course, then Dodoro should stop being so difficult and just accept a second round pick.

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Or a third with a future fourth pick upgrade.