Injury Update from the club

Sure, but cave on the future fourth if it gets down to the last day.
It’s how good trading is done.

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Dont spend all of your panic dollars yet, preseason has just started.

There will be plenty of opportunity to go all out panic by the time the first game comes around.

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I am wary of the words “initial diagnosis”. Seems to leave it open for the possibility of finding further problems.

It’s generally considered good medical practice to take a look at the issue more than once, over the diagnosis, treatment and healing processes…

Yeah. But you watch it turn into a hammy in February.

Who will be out of the team with injury come round 1?

  • David Myers - shoulder
  • Orazio Fantasia - finger or/and hamstring
  • Michael Hurley- wrist
  • Kyle Langford - laconic
  • All of the above
  • we won’t be able to field a team

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Justin Crow’s video injury update.

Essendon is expecting to welcome back several players to full training within the next month, according to Physical Preparation Manager Justin Crow.

Ruckman Tom Bellchambers and rookie Luke Lavender lead the charge, reaching the final step in their recovery from post-season shoulder surgery.

“They’re both completing the very last stage of their contact progressions to be back in full training with full contact,” Crow said.

“We’re expecting both players to pass those progressions over the next week.”

Exciting forward Orazio Fantasia is set to follow the pair, expected to partake in all training drills in a fortnight.

“Orazio had a flexor tendon injury in his hand, and that’s been splintered. He’s got another two weeks until he can grip fully,” Crow said.

“Until that time, he’ll be out of drills where he’ll be required to tackle or be in harm’s way. We’ll still be seeing him in a number of drills, but running on the side as well.”

A cautious approach continues to be taken with talented defender Marty Gleeson , who hasn’t played a competitive match since suffering a significant ankle injury against Geelong in last year’s JLT Community Series.

“With Marty, we’re finding that the last little bit of high-end acceleration, deceleration and cutting to be a challenge, but he’s definitely showing progress in those areas,” Crow said.

“We’ve built him up to high volumes of training. We think he needs another three weeks where he’s really emphasising that higher degree of acceleration and cutting, as he drip-feeds back into main training.”

Marty Gleeson is close to a return to full training.

Despite viral conjunctivitis delaying his start to 2019, star forward Joe Daniher’s recovery from osteitis pubis has gathered momentum.

Crow said the club was satisfied with the 24-year-old’s recent progress.

“Apart from a small interruption with his viral conjunctivitis – a systemic illness that can knock you around a little bit – he’s had a really solid month of training,” he said.

“In that time, he’s built up to be able to do an 11km session next week. We’re really happy with the volume he’s getting in, and he’s starting to do a lot more football movements.

“What we need to start to work on is his top speed and getting him back into training drills, which we’ll do when he’s ready.”

Joe Daniher has started to perform football movements.

Youngsters Josh Begley and Mason Redman remain long-term prospects in their comebacks from ACL and ankle injuries respectively, but are showing positive signs.

“Josh is 37 weeks now after his injury. He’s tracking really well. He had Cybex testing this week, where we measure the strength of both legs. On most things, his legs are equal, which is a really good sign and a good indication that we can keep progressing,” Crow said.

“We’re just looking to take it steady with him over the next month, doing most of his work on the rehab oval until the point where he can integrate into some drills.

“Right at the end of November, Mason got his leg tangled in a marking contest with ‘Hepp’ (Dyson Heppell).

“He had a fracture to the posterior malleolus in his ankle. We did a scope just to check nothing else was wrong, given it was the side he had a syndesmosis injury on before. His ankle was fine, so we didn’t do anything extra in there.

“He was out of the boot a couple of weeks ago. He’ll be on the AlterG next week and then build up his running and functional training.”

The Bombers will face the Blues at Ikon Park on February 28 in their first pre-season hitout.

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Thanks for a great career, Raz.

No explanation as to why McKenna has been in the rehab group all summer long.




6 weeks today until the first JLT game.

6 looong weeks. But closer than it was yesterday.

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feels closer than yesterday, but that may be the length of the grass playing tricks on you.

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We didn’t have these problems when we were based at Windy Hill.

I perform “football movements” too. Doesn’t mean I’m of any use on-field.

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Annoying background music almost as loud as Crow. @Catherine_Lio can we lose that next time?


you have got to be kidding…


Conor always starts preseason in the modified group

What choons would the injured players pick if they were the dj king?

Another shining graduate from Journo school.

SplinTED!! Fkn, …