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Dam, Hooker a big loss but in saying that we should have enough depth to cover,
ambrose, francis, ridley, etc


Haven’t been across the whole of preseason but is Redman’s injury that from last year and if so has he had a preseason


Different injury to last season, participated in some pre-season training but injured his ankle late Nov/early Dec and has been rehabbing ever since.



Interesting that he says it’s something that they see quite a bit. I wouldn’t have thought that was the case


Which would seem to say what you thought was incorrect.


Well… yeah


this one seemed to go on for a long time

Begley set to return

Conor Walsh

Young Bomber Josh Begley will make his long-awaited return to football this weekend after overcoming an ACL injury that derailed his 2018 season.

Begley suffered the significant injury on ANZAC Day last year and has worked tirelessly to get back on the park, which he will finally do in the VFL side’s opening home and away clash with Frankston on Sunday.

“We’re all excited to see Josh back, he’s put in a long, hard rehabilitation,” Essendon physical performance manager Justin Crow said on the SKINS Injury Update on Tuesday.

“He’s certainly done a lot of training recently and we’re expecting him to go and put his best foot forward in some limited game time against Frankston this weekend.”

Versatile defender Matt Dea is also likely to return on Sunday having recovered from a knee injury.

“Matt trained well today, he’s got another session with the VFL (side) this Thursday.

“If he gets through that well again then he’ll be available to play in the VFL game.”

Crow said promising utility Mason Redman will be made available for both senior and VFL selection this week, while experienced Bomber Marty Gleeson is nearing full fitness.

“Mason Redman’s on unlimited, unrestricted game time, whereas Marty is pushing up towards close to a full game.

“Both have made some really good progressions and obviously Mason will be available for both the AFL and VFL (games) based off being unrestricted.”

Mason Redman is back to full fitness and available for selection this week.

The club has decided to take a patient approach with important key-position Bomber Cale Hooker , who will be given another week of training to prime himself to return from the sidelines.

“Cale trained today and looked pretty sharp, to be fair, but we’ve decided following that session we’re going to give him another week of training before making him available to play.

“If he had played this Sunday in the VFL he’d be five and a half weeks after that calf strain and Cale’s going to take an extra week to keep building his football training ahead of playing.

Fellow tall Joe Daniher continues to improve on the track as he recovers from his own calf strain and Crow said the star forward is showing no signs of soreness from the osteitis pubis that kept him off the field for the majority of 2018.

“Joe is doing well, he’s doing plenty of volume, (showing) some good speed and lots of football components in his rehabilitation.

“His groins have been good through this whole calf rehab, which is very promising. Joe’s looking at another couple of weeks before being available.”

Joe Daniher is progressing well as he looks to return in the next fortnight.

Two Bombers who won’t be lining up this week are Jayden Laverde and Brandon Zerk-Thatcher , who suffered similar ankle injuries in the VFL team’s practice match victory over Sandringham last Saturday.

Crow said it is difficult to predict a timeframe for their return given the nature of the injury, but he was pleased to report there was no major damage.

“Jayden sprained his ankle in the second quarter of the VFL match. Fortunately, there’s no syndesmosis (joint) involvement.

“There is a significant amount of injury to the lateral ligaments of the ankle, which makes it a bit unpredictable in terms of his timeframe.

“Once Jayden can run pain-free we’ll start him cutting and rehabilitating him as he’s able.

“Brandon Zerk-Thatcher also had an ankle sprain. Again, fortunately, there was no syndesmosis involvement, but a reasonably significant sprain.

“He’ll be fighting hard to become available in the next couple of weeks.”

Young midfielders Trent Mynott (hip) and Jake Long (shoulder) are in the mix to take their place on the field and will be tested during the VFL side’s main training session on Thursday.




Has anyone attended any training sessions this week.?


some of the players turned up and went through the motions


wonder what our defintion of “full fitness” is





This is fairly accurate, except Joe and Cale need to be reversed, Joe 1 week Cale test/available

as per:


Hooker poised for return

Conor Walsh

Apr 9, 2019 4:45PM

We have main training tomorrow and he’ll be out there putting his hand up for selection.”
Justin Crow


Experienced Bomber Cale Hooker is on track to be available for selection to take on Brisbane this week after overcoming a calf injury.

Physical performance manager Justin Crow said Hooker has so far done all that’s been asked of him ahead of the side’s clash with the Lions at the MCG on Saturday.

“Cale trained well last week and also he’s performed well on the track this week,” Crow said on the SKINS Injury Update on Tuesday.

“We have main training tomorrow and he’ll be out there putting his hand up for selection.”

Fellow tall Joe Daniher has also recovered well from his own calf strain and could be in the mix to return against North Melbourne on Good Friday.

“Joe’s doing well, he’s going to train with the group tomorrow.

“He’ll do all of that session plus extra to make sure that he’s ready for when he returns, not this weekend, but the weekend after.”

Key forward James Stewart will not be available to return to the senior side after suffering an unfortunate groin injury in the VFL side’s dominant victory over Frankston on Sunday.

Stewart booted four goals in the opening half against the Dolphins but wasn’t able to return to the ground after the main break.

“In the second quarter James landed awkwardly. He’s got a small groin strain as a result and he’ll be rehabbed appropriately – we’re looking at at least two weeks to get him back from that.”

James Stewart is set for at least a fortnight on the sidelines.

Young forward Josh Begley made his long-awaited return to football in the match, impressing with two goals and showing no signs of the ACL injury that derailed his 2018 season.

“Josh played well, he played 50 minutes of game time and kicked a couple of goals in that time.

“He’s got a week now with the VFL bye (this weekend) where he’ll get another bit of work in training with the group and he’ll keep progressing those minutes upwards over the coming weeks.”

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Adding to the good news, Crow said sweeping defender Marty Gleeson is now back at full fitness after spending over a year on the sidelines due to a devastating ankle injury.

Matt Dea (knee) is expected to train fully on Wednesday and be available for selection, while Jake Long (shoulder) will need to tick some more boxes before his return.

“Jake Long is recovering from his AC joint injury. He’s been doing a lot of running and a lot of training without contact.

“We’re just waiting for the point where he can take the bumps and tolerate the contact.

“He’s not quite there yet, but we’re optimistic that he’ll get to that point by the time the VFL team plays after the bye.”

Jayden Laverde and Brandon Zerk-Thatcher – who both suffered ankle injuries in the VFL team’s final practice match the weekend before last – will continue to build up their loads in the hope of a return for the VFL Bombers’ next match on April 20.

The Dons failed to get through their stirring defeat of Melbourne unscathed, with key forward Shaun McKernan and young on-baller Kobe Mutch suffering significant hamstring injuries.

McKernan battled bravely to the end of the game after suffering his injury in the second term, but the tall is set for a decent stint on the sidelines.

“Unfortunately on the scan there was intramuscular tendon involvement, which we need to respect to give time to heal.

“Before we were using MRI (scans) this was the sort of injury that would (see the player) return in three weeks and they probably would have re-torn, so we’ll take the time to make sure that heals.

“He’ll be back running quite early, hopefully by the end of the week, and then he’ll be progressing up over that six-to-eight-week period.”

Shaun McKernan kicks one of four goals against Melbourne at the MCG.

Crow said Mutch’s injury is more severe and will take plenty of patience to rehabilitate properly.

“Kobe Mutch had a different injury to Shaun, he suffered a high hamstring strain (when) in a bent-over position.

“Fortunately, the tendon is intact so there is no surgery required. However, because of the nature and location of the injury, we’re looking at a 10-to-12-week recovery period – it certainly won’t be less than eight (weeks).

“Kobe’s quite sore walking around, he’ll get moving as he’s able and we’ll rehabilitate that up over the coming months.”


4 Key forwards injured isn’t ideal.







No, but between Stringer, Brown, Hooker* and Francis we still have 4 reasonable options left, which not many other sides could scrape up.

And we don’t have to resort to Zac Clarke or TBC, which is probably just as well, although at least one of them will probably be forward most of the time as well. I would love to see Draper in though, we could really use his energy.

*I didn’t realise you were counting Hooker and I wasn’t really counting.

Hooker is likely to play somewhere and I wouldn’t be surprised if it was the seniors, but Brown may get in ahead of him, given he’s been playing and kicked VFL goals on the weekend.


Oh yes…fair enough, if we’re counting him as a forward.
I reckon we need Hooker to play at both ends this week.