Injury Updates




Gee you would hate to be a tall on our list at the moment…

Laverde (pseudo KPP)
Gleeson (pseudo KPP)



You’ve added Draper to a list without any clue he’s injured.


We know he’s injured…we just don’t know how badly.


All of Brown, Gleeson & Smack! apparently on track for rd10 return.

For some reason I thought McKernan was going to be longer than that. Rapt it’s sooner.


Stewart & Lav too! We’ll have too many talls again in no time.


So Orazio has “come on in leaps and bounds” since the game, trained well today and “even got a session in later on the weekend”…

Later than 3:20 pm?



Yay, finally some good news.


it’s thumbs today


He actually name dropped another tape company in that video



why are the club posting this mind numbing content when we could instead see the return of Dysons Diary?


I think we need more players playing mini golf while Cooney says stupid ■■■■.


next year they should just ditch the golf course and just have “Sinking Tinnies with Cooney”


Isn’t that what “Don air” is?


yes, but minus the drinks


Three part series. It’s two down, one to go. What’s the last one going to be?

  • shoulder
  • knee
  • knocked calf
  • The Virus

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You left out The Head as an option.
Sure, it’s technically not ‘strapping’, but there must be an art to the Wounded Warrior Returns look, as patented by Luke Hodge & adopted regularly by McGrath & Hartley

Why not just use a bandaid?
How do they stop it falling over the eyes?
How much hair loss is involved to remove it? ( a crucial question for some players)
Etc etc.

We deserve an answer.
Is the Club keeping secrets?


and shoulder it is