Injury Updates

Except it says more than that

He’s consulted to us also. As in been using his expertise whilst not on EFC internal payroll

Wouldnt that cause a conflict of intrest between Essendon and Brisbane? Not sure Brisbane would be too happy with letting their medical guru share his ip with another club

Great news.

Who gives a **** what they think.

Baiscly doing an external reivew i rather him be full time employed by the club and getting his hands on deck trying to fix our injury problems

The whole purpose of a review is to figure out exactly where you need to increase support Nino… step one in the process bud. Be patient.

Once that is done hire the bloke to implement those changes


Surely not too bad.

He wasn’t even limping or on crutches.

These days they normally put you on crutches even if it’s a super minor concern.

It’s Essendon. He will turn up to training tomorrow with a foot missing.


That’s better.

This Blanche ‘news’ is bizarre. Surely most people were aware he has been at the club since January doing this review/work on our injury management?


Sending them to Kenya in the off-season for some long distance running training.

Would think likely there’s a NDA in place to cover any informationn on players etc. seeping back to Brisbane

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Feeling nostalgic, injury thread, needed this.


Jesus, the state of those replies. ■■■■■ the lot of them

Jones out for the season gives us two MSD picks


Are there any worth considering at our likely selection? I guess a free hit opportunity?

Do we really want to take two MSD picks? When list spots are tight. If they put an 18 month contract demand then you’re committed to them through until the end of next year at least. And is the 6 month option worth it? Is there really any point in only giving anyone half a season?

Also, Jayden Davey might well be ready for some footy later in the year despite what that says. A bit like Baldwin did in his first year. I’d like to keep that door ajar anyway.


Not necessarily. Unless we have someone specific we want/need, we still might only pick one player.
Otherwise we end up having to delist players we possibly don’t want to at the end of the year.