Injury Updates

Setterfield still on 2-3 lol.
Best news is Reid didn’t get put back on there and got through a match.
Not sure we even need Ridley this week, or am I being too arrogant, a half in the VFL for him.


Setterfield injury is bizarre. I thought it was bone brusing rather than a strain.

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Ridley should play some game time in the VFL. Just get some match practice and match conditioning. You can be fit via training but nothing like having bodies bash into you for real match fitness.

Basically all of Baldwin, Draper and Duursma should be ready to go after the bye or West Coast game if all goes well but who are we kidding.


Same as last year. Minor foot issue and a few weeks turned into the rest of the season.
Surely he’s gone at years end.


Yep, he’s in some strife Setterfield.

Will be a pity because I think most supporters rate him when he plays. Very frustrating for Setters, as it is for the supporters who have not been given any real update as to what has happened to him.


Is he ooc?

Sucks for Duursma, Draper and Setterfield. I worry that even Setters won’t be back till after the bye!

The optimist in me says to only have 3 likely best 22 players out is not too bad. Baldwin seems to be on track and I hope he can string some games in the back half to earn another contract; he deserves it in my opinion.

Not sure if Ridley comes straight back in or gets a spell in the VFL first. I think if he gets through training okay Brad will pick him for the firsts.

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I’m pretty sure Setterfield is contacted for next year

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5 weeks til BALDWIN


My body is ready.

How do you hit a golf ball into the inside of your ankle :slight_smile:

Everything I’ve seen said we gave him a 2 year deal, so would be expiring this year.

But then who trusts Essendon contract lengths these days

Well, you see, it’s all to do with the weight distribution at address. Then keep your hands over your right shoulder at the top of the backswing, then push out through the ball on the downswing.
Simple really.

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:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

I’m sure I’ve done that before.

Setterfield, Duursma, Hunter, Baldwin


Actually feel quite sorry for Setterfield.
He deserves to be playing senior football for a team but keeps getting overtaken.

When healthy he is a pretty solid player.


I rate him as well but as with other players, the pressure for spots will force him to elevate his game which can only be a good thing.


will be interesting who comes off injury list next.

Baldwin, Duursma or Setterfield.

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