Injury Updates

He won’t be back this season.

No Jones is good news. Hopefully that means the iced calf was a corcky.

Smallest most insignificant injury list in decades. We’d better make the most of it, coz it ain’t happening again any time soon


I’ve screen shoted it.



Positive news all round.

Why aren’t they releasing this ona Tuesday ? Sack Murphy!

Let’s hope this injury list remains clear!

Making sure we don’t hog the limelight of the Caldwell contract extension.

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I wonder if they’ll ever either just slap the big SEASON next to Reid or maybe they’re waiting to see if we qualify for finals and then they’ll give him a return date :eyes:

He went under early June and the injury is supposedly 10 to 12 weeks.

Based on that he is 5 to 7 weeks away.

At 5 he is back round 23 playing VFL. It gives him a slight chance of being ready for week 1 of finals assuming we will be there.

But this does look like a very slim chance.

Such a shame, he looks like a monster talent.


I wouldn’t be bringing in Reid anywhere near a potential final.


why would you go say that?


Because opinions of plebs on online forums have no bearing on reality.

The club have updated the injury list for this week but just haven’t released the actual article yet.

They’ve finally waved the white flag with Baldwin whilst giving Reid a highly optimistic chance at returning this season :laughing:

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Sadly i think thats Baldwins spot gone

would love to keep him tho

He’d be a very frustrated, angry and nervous lad

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His worked hard did all the right things to get a shot and it just hasnt worked out

How is Reid going to return however 9 weeks isnt there only 7 rounds left?

Bit wired how they havent just put “season” there maybe they think theres a chance at an earlier return

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They are anticipating his return in the semi final, clearly