Injury Updates


I suppose the one OK thing about the new content arrangements is that unlike others Cal does not focus on negatives about the club in writing articles, like the AGE and News Ltd papers continually reminding us about the saga, years and years after its over and everyone in the AFL universe knows the effect its had on us.


It doesnt sound good for Marty


Sounds like maybe the ligaments have healed a bit tight ? I expect being in a moonboot for 6-8 months doesn’t exactly encourage a full range of movement. Hopefully a bit of stretching with exercise will help over time.
I had a mild lisfranc injury about a year ago, and I still get twinges with loads in a range of directions and it was never bad enough to require a moonboot…


Ligaments don’t heal “tight”.
But the joint itself does become tight with prolonged immobility and can be ■■■■■■ hard to regain movement. If he hasn’t regained that movement after 12 months, it’s unlikely to get much better from here.


As a matter of interest, and without having the time to trawl through the literature available on the internet for a better understanding, I recognise your assertion is probably correct. Dr Ross Hauser puts a finer point on the issues related to prolonged incarceration in a moonboot…

One of the most important advances in the treatment of ligament injuries has come from the understanding that controlled early resumption of activity can stimulate repair and restoration of function, and that treatment of ligament injuries with prolonged rest may delay recovery and adversely affect the tissue repair.

Maybe the need for a moonboot to ensure bone healing has compromised ligament repair?


If the moonboot was not removed during any weight bearing activity on the ankle/foot during the recovery stages, maybe he has only had the real opportunity to regain the movement for the 3-4 months post moonboot ?


So Heppell has an injury. This has been kept quiet. When are we going to get the truth about Smith?


If you want an injury report just get Nino ranting and raving for a couple of days and you shall have one.


Gleesons contracted until 2020.
there is no pressure to get on the park this year contract wise.
It must be a frustrating injury for him.
I would be surprised if we see him play seniors before half way through the season.
Most important thing is to get the ankle movement back for football and post football.


Speedy will just tell us they are “managing his loads” haha


Are you old enough to vote?


Of course




Come on Nino why do you do this (to yourself)? You wanted an injury update and the club provides updates on key players. It gives good and detailed info on the issues and a prognosis. Managing your fitness is a continual and evolving process. Good today, good tomorrow, and then mmm something goes a bit wrong the day after and you have to adjust things. Are the reports the truth, whole truth and nothing but the truth? Who can say, other than at face value they make sense and it’s not honky dory for one and all.

Besides, we can have the entire list fit and firing today and up until round 1 and bang 3 players can go down during the game. It’s sport. It’s life. It happens.

Balance Nino. Get yourself a bit more balance. Plus the sun is shining on a glorious day. Enjoy.


Fair enough as long as they are fit for rd 1 just feel likes every time i check a player thread I expect another injury.


or maybe they are not

That’s the point, we don’t always have all our players ready for selection.

Sure it’ll be nice if they were. It’s what we’d want for many reasons.

But if we are a genuinely competitive side then we have to be able to cover key outs.


I have no doubt we can cover key outs just sucks they might not be their rd1. we need to come out of the blocks and win the first few games and having players like Hep with niggling injuries is not good.


That sentence might just explain the problem.


Gleeson and McKenna were running a fair bit. Both looked good and were kicking too. Didn’t notice any sprinting.
Mutch in crutches.
Heppell just nursing it but did a big boxing session.
Redman maybe a week or two from running.
Smith and Daniher not holding back. Just doing their own programs.
Begley super fit, running and kicking at full pelt in individual program. In a crap club or couple of years ago he’s probably in full training. I think we are cautious and not worried as we have the depth.
I think that goes for our whole rehab program, clubs confident the depth is there and not pull the trigger too early to get players back.
Hooker doing a lot of core stretching. Suggesting the hammy is lower back/ hip related.
I’m bullish that Daniher, Begley, Gleeson and McKenna could all all participate in match sim within 4 weeks.
Unknowns can Gleeson fly for a pack mark and can Begley handle an awkward tackle? Time will tell.
Didn’t see Merrett but I’d scoff if he’s not tearing it up by r1. Most likely avoiding AFLX selection.


The problem is that the posts are given attention, which is what attention seekers crave, …