Injury Updates


You need to manage your expectations … better.


I’m far from being an attention seeker thank you very much


So expect us not to play finals?


3 viable options for a half back role have had very limited pre-seasons: Gleeson, Redman, McKenna.

Matty Dea could find himself back in the side for round 1 at this rate!!!




dylan van unen’s replacement.


The QLD copper


Matt Dea was training the other day. I was a bit confused, he got de-listed then picked up as a rookie.


or Ambrose or Ridley who are both in fine form.


No way Hurley, Hooker, Francis AND Ambrose can play at the same time


not even against the tall premiers West Coast?


I reckon they can against Adelaide, West Coast and probably a few other teams


Dea has been in the modified group of players for a number of weeks now.


Mr. play anywhere Guelfi could play half back without any problems. Ridley also. It’s not going to be a problem finding a mid sized HB.


The timeline has been long enough that the ligament fibres would be “normal”.
Of course, being normal/repaired is different from being able to handle the rigours of AFL.


This is Essendon post Sheedy, and as such we always have half backs in abundance


Nino, I found an Injury Update for you.


Just watched it.

Thank christ rd 1 doesn’t start next week.


With 47 days to go, sounds like Merrett is touch and go for rnd 1 as the fitness guys progress him through the different stages of twisted ankle rehab… Alter-G first, over ground running and eventual change of direction training before joining the main group. Sounds like a 30+ day process by which time Merrett would’ve lost a bit of his aerobic base, potentially impacting his output in the early to mid stages of the season.


And we laugh at Carltons’ injury crisis haha.

It’s not Carlton level bad but that fact we will have a few players who have interrupted pre seasons come rd 1 is not great.