Innovative formations

I was pondering this before the season even commenced:

We have too many of certain types of players, but not enough of others.

So is there an innovative way to structure our team, that plays to our list strengths?

Why does everyone in the industry list their team in the same way each week? You know, in lines of three?

We have no midfield depth, so could we change our thinking to have deeper back/forward lines? Like 7-4-7 or something? (in fact maybe that would unleash some superpower for the Bombers or something)

Maybe defense has to be rigid, because you have to respond to what the opposition is doing, but mid-forwards?


The Flying V formation!


Hooker back.


Teams don’t actually set up in lines of three and haven’t for years. That’s just the traditional way of naming a side

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Dont be a cake eater, Sal.

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Innovation? Sounds like an opportunity to claim some R&D tax concessions.

Get X on the phone.

The football world apparently still not ready for 22 ON THE WING!

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Needs more Orazio in the forward line.

But other than that…

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A great innovation would be if someone tried to add value to this thread with something other than humour.


So you’re talking about strategy? From what I’ve seen, Worsfold has only plan A.

What does adapt mean?

too many players of the type which butcher their own kicks, cant win their own footy and provide defensive pressure on the opposition?

yeah we got too many of those type of players for sure.

that destination club aura sure disappears quickly.

I think our coaching sucks.

Time to switch back to 4-4-2. Solid at the back, get it out to the wide men and then bang crosses into the box.


Ive thought for a while that our best style, based on what we have is a modern version of the slingshot.

We need to protect an average midfield, we have mobile and x-factor forwards who can work into space, we have players with extreme speed for quick rebounding and having extra numbers back helps our average defense.

You’d use Hooker back, Daniher and Stewart as release talls who can quickly get into position, overlapping speed with half backs mckenna/saad/mcgrath and forward smalls to further break lines on lightning transition. Stringer can be used a forward in this setup.

The 2018 game is to apply frontal pressure pushing right up and keeping the ball in your forward half - not good for us as any breakdown of these sees our average mids and defenders exposed on the rebound like freo and footscray showed us.

Basically setup opposite to how teams are breaking us down. I have little faith in the club doing anything that isnt vanilla.

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Just kick it long!

Only works if we actually have players in the forward 50


Jumpers for goalposts? Marvellous


That looks like a good plan Hayden. But I suggest you put tippa in the daniher role.

4-3-3 with Fantasia as the false-9

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Ambrose in the middle, everyone else behind him.

Come at me bro!

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