Innovative formations

I’ll report back to Bader and Leigh-Mallory your objection to the ‘big wing’ old chap.

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Green one-out in the goal square.

Baguley out-numbered in the backline

Everyone else spectating.

Oh wait… we tried that already.


I think we should let Daniher ruck, crumb the ball himself and kick it straight up the guys for an easy goal…or behind.

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This is kind of what I was thinking, for say a 7-4-7 structure. Wanted to get Laverde in there as well, and possibly Green, but I failed…

Back half:
McGrath Brown Hurley
Goddard Ambrose Saad
McKenna (rebounding from HB/centreline)

Roaming clearance group:
Bellchambers Heppell Zerrett Smith

Forward half:
Begley Stewart (pushing up to wings)
Daniher Stringer (bombing from 50m)
Fantasia Tippa

Int: Zaharakis/Parish/Langford/Myers?

Bring in the mid year draft money ball strategy


Just go the Under 13’s rolling maul. Least we will be pretty much man on man

Youre losing sight of what we all really want:


#10. Darren Bewick.

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Friday hypothetical to use what we’ve got.

Two man, mobile mids as dual full forwards - Laverde & Langford, rotating with Stringer, Smith, Francis when ready.
No one else inside fifty.
Daniher in the ruck.
Stewart & Hooker as very high half forwards between top of fifty and back of square.
Four wings between the arcs and running into space forward - Tippa, McGrath, Fanta & Zaharakis
Three onballers
Six defenders only.Ridley / Zerk as third tall defence

Will never happen but you asked.

Would we keep BT in that position or allow him a little more freedom? Say… roaming Brian?

This hits too true…

Not sure how really innovative this is.

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