Is the Bounce on it's way out?


I don’t know why it’s suddenly become so difficult. The bounce has been part of the game since forever and it’s only in the last few years that it’s suddenly become an issue. The ground surfaces have never been more even, so a good bounce should be easier, not harder.


good riddance. it’s such an energy drainer when the hump farks the bounce up and has to call it back.

but, but TRADITION!!!111!!


The grounds are harder, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s easier to bounce it straight.
Physics can throw up some funny stuff sometimes, and I doubt anyone’s really studied this ■■■■ properly. They still can’t really work out why a cricket ball starts to reverse swing, for eg.


If the issue is umps not having enough time to back out when throwing the ball up, just throw the farken thing up higher


They should get one of those ball-cannon things. Stay with me here. You could just wheel it out for the opening bounce, and fire it straight up in the air. Maybe stack the barrel with confetti or something, you know, to create atmosphere. Actually, lowering it from above would be better, so it can be whisked up and away really quickly before the ball lands.The ruckmen may need safety googles, but just for that first hit out. And when Geelong play and Duckwood fakes it, they could just hold him down, aim it at his head and see if he can duck in time.


Could be under ground, once it fires, the lid closes and it’s grass on top. As long as it doesn’t cause issues similar to the phone dome roof…


You’re a farking genius.
The Trapdoor Cannon. There could be an underground channel that feeds balls to it - like at a bowling alley, you know. This could work, folks!!!


Oooh, I just can sense the first offseason multi ball thread!




And you know what?? I’d use that music to go with it.


LOL. So dramatic…


Guys, love your work but I spotted a flaw in your loguc.

You are forgetting the most important thing:

how can Gil make money from it?

They can’t even show sponsors names on underground cannons.

They need to drop it from some type of flying fox that has a banner on it. Imagine how much sponsors would pay for that!


Ah you see…you need to think big…think grand, mah man.
Streamers is where it’s at.
The ball…trails streamers. Just picture it in all it’s glory.
Drums…boom boom boom…pit slides opens
the ball screams out of the pit in a miasmic cloud of confetti - and trailing streamers which arc across in all directions…almost like a mushroom cloud…*voluming out into the crowd
and now - what’s on the streamers? you guessed it, Johnny!
each streamer will have a sponsor’s name…can you farkin see it???
an actual message landing …directly.,…into your farkin lap at the G!!!
that, my friend…is gold.

*the word ‘voluming’ is patent pending


You are onto something here…

Better patent it before Gil pinches your IP.

Which would help him sell those 1 million tickets.


So stop calling it back when the maggot farks up the bounce ! The point of the bounce was always the random nature of it. Accept that sometimes it will favour one side or the other — as it always has done — and Get Over It.


Afternoon session at the WACA today says no, … it’s definitely alive and well.


Try getting the umps to go back to class 101 learning to bounce the footy. They were the ones complaining about the bounce.