Is the season too long?

Patty Dangerfield reckons 22 games is too long. Wants it reduced to limit injuries. Maybe an 18 game season. Thoughts?

Personally I think the season is fine. Ideally I would like a 34-36 game season (play each other twice). Have a 14 day break after 18 games. Reload and get back in.

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Dangerfield is an idiot.


Less teams. Play everyone twice. Slightly bigger lists - mandate rotation (everyone can carry an extra Howlett McKernan Hartley).

It’s a joke of a “competition” until then.

Play everyone once is the least ridiculous realistic alternative.


No for a longer season. My interest wains as is.

Shorter season play everyone once rotating home and away every 2 years.

I don’t reckon they would loose a as much as you think. Crowds and viewers must drop off the longer the season goes.


He’s a dangerous idiot, given he’s on the rules-must-change committee.

Not sure if he’s gone rogue or if this is a softening-up comment.


As long as he’s prepared to lose out on the reduced TV rights and consequent reduced salary caps.



It’s far far too long.



40+ players on a list, how about managing and utiliting a list correctly so most players get 2-3 rests per season.


It is. Will he take a pay cut? Will we get reduced membership fees?

Tell him to ■■■■ and get out there and play


Almost all players apart from rookies are paid per a contract, not per game.

Revenue wouldn’t be down for a 17 game season. I’ve written lots of analysis on this point on this site. If revenues don’t go down, salaries won’t go down either.

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Why wouldn’t revenue be down if 7/Foxtel get 5 weeks less content?

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Asking nick riewoldt if he wants shorter games…

i wonder what’d he’d say.

‘gee i really loved being fitter than my defenders’


No way. The pre-season is far far too long, and the only way to have a fair competition is to play each other twice.

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I’d like his plan to come into action immediately, enacted retrospectively. Lets remove the results of the first six weeks of the season, effectively creating a 17 week competition.

This would ensure we are playing finals this year, if not putting us in top 4 contention.


The good people who pay for the TV rights will pay less if there are less weeks filled with games. The sponsors get less exposure with less games/tv that will reduce the amount they are willing to pay. The people who pay for the grounds will get less revenue and will therefore demand more per game played on the ground to compensate. One would think that = less revenue which eventually will mean less for players.

Heres an idea, move the end of season bye somewhere where it isn’t an absolute pain in the ■■■ and gives the players another week off in the season. Kill the preseason comp that no one cares about and just roll into the season.

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If you’re an Essenon fan, yes.


The only way to reduce preseason is to lengthen the season. Players will just do their own individual training if preseason is cut or play low profile grudge matches if pre season matches are cut. Didn’t Sydney play GWS a few times in the preseason?

Danger just wants to be a celebrity footballer/ fisherman/ surfer on good coin and never win a premiership.

less weeks - sure means less content

but perhaps the lesser content means more viewers per game. This offsets the loss.

Good luck with selling that to the TV networks. You’ll need it.

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