iSelect Busted

Been telling friends and Fam for a decade not to trust these comparison sites, … the latest being any of those supposedly comparing “ALL” NBN deals.

Any Company on there has to pay a commission to these sites, which is a cost the consumer will of course eventually pay for, so how could they possibly be giving you the best deal, when those that choose not to be on there and therefore avoid that cost, are clearly more likely to be able to offer lower costs to the buyer??

Let alone the clear incentive they will have to promote one that will pay them more, over others?

Avoid the barstatds, … they are on their side, not yours.

Seek for yourself, and go directly to the seller folks.


I thought this was about Blitz selections not convincing match committee…


Is there a comparison site to compare comparison sites?

3 Likes is good for Internet. Just a community website, not profit model.

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This would be easier to fix if they were just forced to show all commissions for any comparison website for any industry.

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Yes, but it’s corrupt.

There was, but it went under because the comparison sites didn’t pay a commission to them…