It's time to move back to the MCG

the afl host the royal easter show do they?

engie stadium is operated by the royal agricultural society of nsw

carrara is operated by the qld state government

and pearl jam pretty famously avoid playing at any venues that have agreements with ticketmaster whenever they can

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We already have various memberships that get you into every AFL game at Adelaide Oval

I could be way wrong but im sure the afl spent millions in the showgrounds to make it an afl ground.

Either way none of that prevent the afl brokering an afl membership for other cities

Yeah I reckon the AFL are missing a trick to get attendences up at the giants with a sydney AFL membership. Same with SE QLD

All this talk about the Bombers moving back to the MCG is garbage. There is nothing wrong with playing the smaller Victorian teams at Marvel. And then what about how big our membership base is going to grow is just pure speculation based on zero evidence. We could have 100,000 members and still not sellout Marvel. The balance we have now is perfect regardless how successful we may become.

I’m not sure how many times it needs to be posted. Marvel does sell out, it’s Medallion club, reserved seat members not rocking up and the ticketing fiasco that stops the stadium filling up.

Fact, Games at Marvel stadium reduce crowd sizes compared to games at the MCG.


Also factor in that this week is one of Norfs replacement games but not sure how many seats that consists of

Only problem with Marvel against small Victorian teams is locking out families, as per this week. The team is winning, kids and fans broadly are engaged again, it’s times like now a club wants to be getting as many fans to be part of ‘positive’ times as it can. Especially at Essendon which is coming from a long way back with the challenges of reengaging its younger fans in particular after a decade of being dragged through the mud and not enjoying football.

We may only be locking out 5-6,000 fans this week, but it doesn’t bode well for future home games at this place when we play a fellow finals contending Bulldogs, Saints, Cats or Demons. Thats when we’re possibly kicking out 20-30,000 fans. And that’s unacceptable for a club wanting to build its fan base.


We haven’t played Geelong at Marvel since 2016, and we haven’t played Melbourne at Marvel since 2018.


We play Freo at the ‘G this year.
Which feels weird.

You’re killing the drama.


We host Hawthorn at Marvel all the time.

Lets continue with that set up and forget about the potential crowd it could draw like the 73k that turned up this year at the MCG.


Oh I’m all for another game or 2 at the G. It makes perfect sense.

What I dont care too much for is the “think of the families” dramatics. It’s a bit over the top.


Fixturing us to play Hawthorn at Marvel is so ■■■■■■■ dumb but now they want it to be a permanent round 1 blockbuster, so it will likely always be at the MCG from now.

The total cost of going to the Footy locks out many Families whether is played at G or Marvel. The amount Mrs Fox and I spend on going to the Footy in one year is outrageous. The G is even more expensive than Marvel.


Some interesting numbers: last year in 2023 we opened the season with Hawthorn and then St Kilda, both at the MCG. The crowds were 68,700 and 69,300 respectively. This year we pulled 73,800 against Hawthorn.

Over this time Collingwood 62,100 against St Kilda last year and then 69,500 against them this year. Carlton pulled 66,300 against Hawthorn last year also.

We definitely enjoy the G.


The MCG is not more expensive than Marvel, its cheaper, there is more general access therefore no need to pay for your seat. It’s cheaper if you don’t chug down 6 beers as well :rofl:

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You can’t but two tickets together against North this weekend.

This week isn’t helped by it being a replacement game for North

Thats a pricing issue.

GWS sell family of 4 tickets for 54 dollars. The fans are all young at their games.(small numbers but uoung families)

Essendon could do something similar at the G. Probably a fair chunk more but not super expensive

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