It's time to move back to the MCG

That fan must be an idiot
To upgrade your seat, to a reserved GA seat cost me $8

That bloke must’ve upgraded to a prime seat for an away game
What did he expect to happen?

Edit - I’m a silver member with a reserved seats at home games and access to away games

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Thst Saints game likely draws 60,000+ at the G back in round 3. Point being demand was more like 60,000, not 44,000. Roos likely demand around 50,000 if I was to guess.

They can’t pass your seat onto anyone.
Because there’s no policy around it and no consumer law around it.
It’s your ticket and your choice to use it or not.

Before they do anything like that, they (Ticketek/Ticketmastrer/AFL) will need to change their policy and let club members know that it’ll happen. And it’ll be written in small print on every reserved seat ticket sold and in the terms and conditions of sale (that check box that everyone ticks and doesn’t read) when purchasing the seat.
Otherwise, there’d be plenty of ■■■■■■ off people taking the companies to court over it.

That’s why it’s a policy. Not a regulation.

Eventually it’ll change. And it’ll fall in line with how the airlines pass out spare seats.
It makes sense (even if I’m on the wrong side of the equation).

West Coast have a large membership base in Victoria.

As Victorian members, they’d have access to all West Coast’s Docklands and MCG matches.

Unlike most members from Victorian clubs, who just have home memberships.

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Based on past years they usually bring along somewhere 1,500-2,000 to games at Marvel. Usually most of the bays around their race and behind the goals, and sporadically throughout the ground.

I think it would be more than that.

They usually have 4k-8k imo.

I agree they’d bring 4-5k in their better years but this year, with Harley out, they likely won’t come in big numbers.

Thats even worse of an excuse than not attending because of a bit of rain, screw those jerks anyway

It was cold, it was damp, but the MCG was GLORIOUS.

I reckon had Perkin kicked that goal late in the 3rd it would have brought the house down.

The crowd was brewing that 3rd quarter, it was gagging for an Essendon fightback.


The weather was caca but I tell you what you make the effort when you have abit of trust in your team.

Thats why Collingwood and now Carlton are filling the place up every week, they know there team will win more often than not and can trust theyll atleast get there money worth even if they lose.

Im only slowly starting to look forward to games involving Essendon not expecting to get blown out of the water.


Walking up to the G for a massive game with expectations of performance is a big milestone for 2024.

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