Jack Billings

Any chance? I believe he’s hasn’t agreed to terms with the Saints as yet.

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We are no chance.

Needs to kick 6 goals today to down Wet Toast.

(on 0.2 after one quarter, FFS)

Then we can talk.

would love him

How exactly are we going to get him?

It’d take our first rounder and then some.

Throw unrealistic cash at him and deal from there.

Saints probably wouldn’t even talk to Dodoro on principle

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I have a better chance of hooking up with Drew Barrymore than we do of landing Billings which says something.

Really good player but not the sort of player we need so I’d be throwing money at others before him.


I thought that myself, however he would most likely challenge Colyer. We seem to have an abundance of mid sized players but as soon as a Walla , Fanta, Green go down we lose that small player with a bit of zip.

could play whatever role colyers doing.

edit beaten by brady

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Didn’t he barrack for us as a kid? Or was that Stevens.

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He did

Can’t kick clutch goals

I don’t think he is all that.

I like him. His Potential is why we should try to sign him.

Billings seals the deal!


I’ve got her number if you’re interested?

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Yep that was a poor call

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