Jack Gunston

I think Gunston plays a deep third tall role almost like a secondary full forward. In some ways this is what Fantasia is playing in our team. I think our hope is that Lav will eventually also take it on.

Personally I want us to be using our early draft picks to bring in skilled on ballers.

Gunston is ok (been found out this year when he suddenly cops the better defenders) but not what we need at all.


He had the best defenders last year, as Roughhead was out the whole year and kicked 51 goals. He is a gun, something is up this year.


The sort of player some club will give up a top 5 pick for, playing into Hawthorn’s hands.


He doesn’t have a good midfield delivering the ball to him & the other forwards. Would he be an upgrade on Stewart, of course he would but until we can fix our issues in the midfield he would struggle with us just like he is at Hawthorn now. He’d be a loooong way down the list of players I’d even consider chasing let alone paying the 1st round pick price Hawthorn would expect.


Are North still that stupid?

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We have the need for speed.

Must focus this draft on speed in the midfield.

Therefore does not fit.

He had his chance to come to us when he wanted out of Adelaide… stuff him


Going to Fark Carlton

To be honest, if I was Richmond I would strongly consider him.

Doesn’t fit our needs, which isn’t to say he wouldn’t be an upgrade. But not where our currency needs spending.

His position is just not a deficiency for us as we have several options.

If he’s very cheap I’d consider but he won’t be so I think we are better off looking elsewhere.

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Just what we need. A soft ■■■■ 3rd tall.

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punchable head.

do. not. want.

As with the whole side, you take out 2 of your better, hard ball players who win more contests then they lose, and players can’t simply rely on them winning it and take a calculated risk in running forward of the play before they get it.

Not exactly sure why any club would give up a high draft pick for what they are describing as a dedicated 3rd tall ish forward.

Most of the clubs in need of him, or would get value out of having him have already sold out most of their early draft picks.

I’d only wanna give up a pick later than 30 for him, nothing really above that.

If we were going to get someone we don’t really need, I’d rather May than Gunston.


he would be handy. but i would focus on midfielders and possibly a ruckman before him. would be good for the right price. was also a bomber fan growing up.

If we get a midfielder through FA I’d give up our first pick for Gunston in a heartbeat.

In 2 years time we’d have Hurley, Hooker, Daniher and Ambrose as our spine all in their prime, combined with a young talented midfield coming ever closer to maturity. Mix in Gunston and one of Laverde/Francis/Langford and we could easily have Hooker playing CHB, with one of the best ATT/DEF combos in the AFL.

Poor mans LAV

Stop hoging the bong

If we pick up a mid through FA then I would spend our first pick on another midfielder. We can not underestimate how much we need to improve our midfield