Jackie, Tiffany and Lulu

Monday afternoon found me sitting as instructed in the Sheedy Café at Tullamarine idly watching the rain trickle down the windows distorting my view of the three players having goal kicking practice under the tutelage of Kyle (9 out of 10 in 2014) Hardingham. In front of me a rather desultory tuna wrap and a depressingly health conscious bottle of water. Why had Tiffany called me to this meeting?  I was about to find out when the clicking of two sets of high heels announced the arrival of my great friend, the ace reporter, Tiffany in tight shorts and a bizarre t-shirt bearing a picture of a well endowed, medieval woman incongruously clutching a dripping sword below gothic script emblazoned across the front which read “Deer Park Damsels”.  However what was most grabbing my attention was Tiffany‘s companion who clad in a tight, barely holding together leopard skin outfit must have been over seven feet tall (even allowing for the high heels) with a perfectly proportioned, athletic figure surmounted by a striking face illuminated by a huge smile and blazing dark eyes.


“Jackie, close your mouth and say hello to Lulu the Zulu - she‘s a princess.”


I gaped with my mouth closed (if that‘s possible) and my extended hand was almost crushed by the proffered handshake.  I must have been staring because Tiffany kicked me crossly as they sat and then wasted no time coming to the point.


“Jackie I have a plan.”


Why did that always worry me? 


“I want you to watch Lulu play a game for the Deer Park Damsels.  I think she is good enough to be the first female AFL player and if you agree talk to your mates Dodoro and Keane about recruiting her.”


I could see that Tiff was in no mood to be brooked and the prospect of seeing Princess Lulu in footy shorts intrigued me to say the least so next Saturday found me at  a patchy oval in the shadow of the Orica (formerly ICI according to my broker) chemical works approaching with some trepidation the cream brick bunker that served as the changing rooms and I was even more surprised when Tiffany grabbed my arm an dragged me straight into the Damsels‘ inner sanctum.


“The girls want you to say a few words before the game Jackie – they really admire you.”


This was confirmed by a series of toothless and semi toothless grins (false teeth were in a bucket of water) from a ring of, well frankly frightening, crimson clad damsels.


“Yeah Jackie  give us a rev up as soon as Phyllis‘s girls get here.” said an individual with a shaved skull who had been introduced to me as the skipper.


Tiff nudged me and by way of explanation in a stage whisper said “They‘re on day release from the nearby Dame Phyllis Frost Detention Centre to play for the Dragons – its part of their rehab.”


“They‘re good players” a barrel with stubby arms and legs informed me “but sometimes they pack shivs in their socks” she said with a grin.  (I thought this was a joke until I saw the accompanying screws wand them before they took the field.)


In due course I found myself standing on a bench under the Centrelink sponsor‘s sign, my head still not quite level with Lulu‘s as she stood Colossus like in a tight Damsels‘ jumper too small to cover her navel, tight red shorts and a pair of Adidas miles below at the bottom of those long, long legs.


What should Jackie say in these circumstances I wondered as I surveyed the eager faces before me and I pondered the age old question “What do women want?”


“Ladies they think you‘re weak because you‘re pretty but they‘re mistaken you‘re not pretty you‘re gorgeous and you‘re not weak you‘re terrifying.  Smash those ■■■■■■■, straight down the corridor to Hightower” I said indicating Lulu “and grind them into the mud.  Remember I‘ll be watching and I‘ll be cheering for you.”


I thought a short speech would be best in the circumstances and was quite moved by the rumble of unrestrained cheering as the girls rushed out.


“Best player gets to go in the spa with Jackie!” shouted a fired up Lulu.


Well you can probably guess who was b.o.g. and the spa was more than I could handle (although I did my best).  Tiffany was in a huge, huge ■■■■■■ with me afterwards but as I pointed out


“Look at it as a sacrifice for the club Tiff – I think I know enough now to say she could make a player I‘ll get Dodoro to check her out.”


“She can be a f…ing goalpost for all I care we‘re finished Jackie”


Well Tiffany will get over it eventually and if you haven‘t had a spa with a Zulu princess you haven‘t lived. I think we may have unearthed one here and we can rookie her under the special provisions. Lulu the Zulu and Joe on the forward line – unstoppable.

Good stuff. Great read to start the day.

interesting work jackie. 

Training pics? Wow, first we had Goaner Tutlan and now Lulu. Okay she has got the height and skills but does she have a big enough tank? Is Thurlow through if we draft her? Big players take longer to develop they say, but she sounds like she is a ready made starter. ■■■■■■ good stuff JM, even though you had to take one for the team. Keep up the good work, even if it does mean some noble self sacrifices have to be made, in the long run it will be worth it, and Tiff will see that.


Edit: beat me to it CJ!

Forget the training pics.............................we want SPA pics. 


Lulu the Zulu....what a crack-up!!

Glad to hear you escaped "Death by Snu Snu". I would have missed your training reports.


Imagine how conflicted "The Age" would be if the EFC drafted a woman.

Yay Womens rights! But, but Essendon...




Thanks Jackie and Tiff (and Lulu)

Have to admit I wasn’t expecting this when I stumbled upon it…

There's a rumour that an interstate game may host the AFL's first female field umpire this weekend. 

so mcphees coming back then

Chelsea makes goals even more awesome.

you had me at brooked