Jake Melksham


Yep, I wish we could tell when a player was ready to bloom…

Usually we tend to hold on to players for too long (or give them Snr games regardless), especially if they are a high pick - was Melk around pick #8?

And supporters need to move on too. Houli, Hibberd, Crameri, Melksham, Monfries, Ryder, all good players but we have evolved since they were in the side and shouldn’t have any regrets.




I am not fussed losing him as we have Fanta, Green, Tippa, Begley, Stewart, JoeDan, etc.

Hibberd was more of a loss imo.


He was allways going to be a good player.

The problem was we expected him to be our number 3 mid after Watson and stants.

He gets to play his proper role and down the pecking order at Melbourne and he flourishes.




It was BSD!

We were fighting a losing battle, remember all the ‘we made off like thieves with the Dee’s 2nd round pick?’


Got nothing to do with him aging and therefore ‘blooming’. He played his best footy when Goodwin was with us. I put this down to our inability to develop players. We are ■■■■ at it. This is one example.


We tried playing him at centre clearances, when wing & flanks was where he belonged.

Nothing to do with being shitt developing players. He did famously get dropped once but only played one game in the ressies, & came back because of injuries. He benefited greatly by not getting injured much in his career, while we had soft tissue injuries mounting up left, right & centre.

He has matured into a consistent player & it was predictable


He’ll cop the raw end of the stick when Melbourne have a down patch, and his game of lingering around the 50 and getting the easy lead up kick stops being damaging.

Not slagging him off, he is doing a role and killing it, but supporters have short memories and he hardly plays a role that will win them a game off his own boot.


Gotta say, after watching him a bit this season, he has taken his game to a new level. His kicking is probably his biggest improvement; has removed most of the turnovers and slow decision making which makes his kicking elite.

He also seems to have found his niche in the forwardline, where he can apply pressure and do the team things which made him a Hird favourite but where his habit of drifting in and out of games is more acceptable. His clutch kicking and set shots have always been pretty good too.

Hats off to him, glad he (and pig) is doing well and enjoying success. Now let’s hope that Redman and Begley can make the trades a win-win, I think they might.


Hird and Goody knew how to get the best from Melky. He was pivotal in the dying minutes for us in victories over modern era heavyweights like the Cats.

If we get bumped out of finals, Hibbo and Melky will get my full support.


Melbourne’s always been a bit of a second team for me, so I’m glad they went there even if we got slight unders for Hibbo.

That Carlton game in 2013 stands out the most in my memory, I think he kicked 3 including a the set shot match winner that was absolute clutch


Like wise, on both counts.



I always rated him, thought he was still progressing and was never aboard the hate train… that said… Trading him probably contributed to cap room fit the wages of SSS in … so win win for all i guess (even before we evaluate redman as a pick).


The compo was redman if I recall correctly which makes me feel better.


Hibbo = redman/morgan?

Melksham = Begley?

Crameri = Zerrett

That’s how you do an exodus amirite


WTF is a second team?


It’s something normally adjusted people grow out of by the age of seven.


At best it’s that other team which is playing Collingwood or Carlton or Hawthorn or <insert team(s) you dislike> and you want that other team to win. BUT, only because they are playing Collingwood or Carlton or Hawthorn or <insert team(s) you dislike>. You are not happy that the other team won, but that Collingwood or Carlton or Hawthorn or <insert team(s) you dislike> lost.

Otherwise, a second team. Nah.