Jake Melksham


Did someone say bunk beds?


Perhaps they both “bat for the other team”. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.


It could also be that team that has such a catchy club song that you can’t help singing it and doing little Russian dances and shouting ‘hey hey hey hey!’



It’s a team that you like to see do well. Usually it’s a team supported by someone you like growing up because you like it when that person is happy.
Melbourne is my second team also.


Same. One grand father was a die hard Melbourne fan. So I’ve always had a fondness for them. Except 2000!


Our VFL team.

Otherwise I’m with you…WTF


some interesting numbers on Melk

Melksham tops the league for score assists per game, ranks second for score involvements (behind Hawk Luke Breust) as a general forward, and he is rated the best kick inside-50m in the game.

Melbourne retains the ball from 70 per cent of his kicks inside 50m, while Melksham is ranked the fourth best one-on-one player in the forward half of the ground.



Second team? Pfft. The closest I get is the team I despise the least. Melbourne certainly isn’t that.

GWS. Purely because they look like they’ll give us some handy players.


Well you just have to accept Goodwin has got the best out of him and thats the way it goes.

#what the fark did we get with the pick again?


Melk plays as a full time forward in a side which has topped the AFL for inside 50s. At about 1.4 goals per game, he is roughly equivalent to Mitch Brown in terms of average goals per inside 50.

You can pick out stats to make him look good or pick out other stats to make him look fairly average.


I was really glad to get rid of melk but the one thing he always did have was a low, flat penetrating kick (despite always kicking into the man on the mark during his efc days). In the modern game and zones setting up so quickly this type of player is invaluable. Maybe we should have tried him as a forward he always was a good kick for goal, was rubbish as a midfielder though.


Yes and no. You can’t ignore this - ranks second for score involvements (behind Hawk Luke Breust). He’s had a great great year.


He’d be handy in the red and black now but I for one don’t regret his move. Good luck to him and Hibberd


We got Mason Redman with the actual pick from Melbourne (Pick 25, which became 30 due to academy selections), but could have just as easily been Alex Morgan given we took the two in consecutive picks (29 and 30).


He’s always been a good player. Only difference now is Goodwin seems to have found a way to get his best out of him regularly, where we couldn’t. Good luck to him, he’s a very decent bloke.


He actually plays a lot deeper forward when we played him on the wing.

He’s much more damaging closer to goal and when he doesn’t have as much accountability running back.


Oh, I agree, I always liked him and saw a lot of upside notwithstanding that there were a few glaring deficiencies


Hird and Goody were the only people who knew how to play Melky.

With no EFC in Finals. Join the Melky and Hibbo show. They were huge for us.


i for 1 fully support the melshkams


Happy for Melksham. Meh to Hibberd and Goodwin.