Jake Melksham


Melbourne with Melksham are seemingly (I haven’t watched heaps of then this year) a far superior side to Melbourne without Melksham.


Why are we talking about a past player still?


It seems like he’s found a good place in his life and his footy is reflecting that. Good on him


I remember when Melksham was so slow that we were all saying “He MUST be injured!”…and then the club felt the need to respond, and publicly announced that he was NOT injured (#embarrassing #hesjustcrap).

Now he’s playing like a gun.

Monfries did similarly in his first year at Port…just kept doing EVERYTHING right with his disposals…I remember my housemate saying during one match “He’s somehow transformed into the AFL-equivalent of Messi!”


Melksham always had enough AFL attributes - His issue was it took him a few years to harness these attributes to make him an above average AFL player - Some players have attributes but never find them in the AFL system.


His strength makes him great up forward near the goals.
Did we copy that with Bagels or vice versa?


Or neither


I reckon Jake has been great for Melbourne.

Everytime I watch them play he is always one of their best.

Their form turned as well with him out of the side.

Good on him. Can’t hate a bloke for taking the extra security for his family.

Hope Melbourne get knocked out first week of finals though :rofl:


We clearly haven’t develop players well enough here.

Crameri and Gus had career best seasons as soon as they left.

Ryder and Hibbo AA as soon as they left.

Now Melksham.

Jackets has brought a shitload of talent to the list but we don’t get enough out of it. Hopefully that’s changing but I’m not too optimistic.


Just to counter

McPhee B&F first year with us
Goddard B&F first year with us
Dev should be B&F first year with us


Seriously, that is just crap.

Hibbo was always very good but had both Hooker and Hurley as AA ahead of him. Hardly didn’t develop him well enough.

Ryder played great footy with us as well, didn’t just leave and suddenly get better, he just left.

Melks yes but it may have been less about development and more about attitude from him.

As for Crammers, again he played good footy for us before he left so he hardly left with us not developing him. We took a minor player in the lower leagues and developed him, and listed him and then he left for better money and cuddles.

Gus was always Gus and apart from one year didn’t set the world on fire. His best year coincided with one of Ports best years with delivery into the forward line extremely high and surrounded by a good forward line.


Who would you want to win then?
Definitely not Hawthorn, Richmond or Pies.

The only teams I could bear winning are Melbourne and GWS


GWS probably.

It’s a tough choice. I’ve ranked them in order of who I would want to win.

Geel 7
Rich 8
WC 8
Coll 8
Haw 8
Syd 8
Mel 8


I agree. Get behind GWS.

Injuries may really affect them though.


I have no problem with the Dees…apart from one arrogant SOB who gave me and my brother heaps when they flogged us in 1994 with Ox and G Lyon dominating. We reminded him that we’d seen a flag (or 3) in colour.

Next week, I left my MCC card at home and had to go to the office…guess who the petty functionary was…same arrogant SOB.

And he was there on Friday night watching people go up the escalator to Level 2.

Don’t have that much issue with the Tiges either…but I did in the 70s when they had the most arrogant a-wipes following them. 35 years of irrelevance cured most of that.

Lot of the family are Cats fans but I don’t expect them to go too far.

Hawks, Swans, Pies can go root their boots.


Takes longer than a year for us to ruin them.

Even Prismall looked awesome for us in 2009


Now you are just making things up, Prismall never looked awesome for us.

Melksham was a bit like Myers, both high draft choices & both inconsistent before the age of 25 & more consistent thereafter - same with HEAPS of other players from OTHER clubs, not just us.

He was reprieved a few times when he was dropped to the 2nds on a couple of occasions, but when our typical injuries kicked in, meant he never got a chance to work on his weaknesses for a few weeks in a row in the 2nds & came straight back to the 1sts undeservedly.

Whereas the last few years, our young blokes like Langford, Parish etc evenly though highly rated, were in fact dropped & told to work on their games. We have more depth now, so they didn’t automatically come in to cover for injuries.

Not that it can’t be proved, but I have no doubt both Myers & Melksham would have been more rounded & better players now, if our club wasn’t riddled with injuries in the 2010-2013 period & they spent more time in the two’s rather than being gifted games cause of the mounting injury list we had.


I should add that in Myer’s case, he was often part of the mounting injury list in those years


I still remember that St Kilda game in 2009 where we broke their unbeaten streak. Gus took a mark on the edge of the square with about a minute to go to put us a goal plus in front. He kicked backward to Prismall to take some time off the clock. Prismall had to kick from about 25 metres, pretty well straight in front, and missed. St Kilda took the kickoff straight downfield for Riewoldt to mark and miss.

Similar thing happened with Goodes’s after-the-siren miss. Hurley had a straightforward shot to ice the game from about 35, missed and the ball went straight downfield.

We never seem about to stop those quick breaks. Similar with McIntosh against North. Crameri kicked too far in from the boundary for Thompson to mark and release quickly. Thankfully they all missed.


you haven’t come across my 30year old brother in law then.