Jake Melksham


My melkshake brings all the dees to the yard


Didn’t we largely play Melksham as a high fwd/midfielder when he was here? I certainly don’t remember using him much behind the ball

I’m a bit confused by some of the reactions here, but then I was confused by the constant Melksham hate on here at the time


Has turned from a player that fumbled every ■■■■■■■ time he went near it to a 95% one touch player


His decision making has improved and he is now pulling off ‘those’ bullets into f50, doesn’t get caught as much now either.

Some players just need a change of scenery to properly mature and realise their potential, we have a few of those types as well.


He and Caddy are proof you do sometimes need to give players time to reach their full potential.


Caddy is proof that some turds float to the top.


Caddy was actually pretty good for Geelong in the midfield the year before they brought Dangerfield over. Once Dangerfield was there though he went back to being a full time forward. Obviously Richmond has gotten the best out of him splitting his time. Personally think he always plays best for them when he also gets midfield minutes.


I reckon that’s a big factor. I don’t reckon Mitch Duncan has taken Ablett and Kelly’s arrival well. Not a shadow of what he was.


The thing is Richmond told him he wouldn’t get much time midfield and needed to get his head around being a HFF. He came out and said that early this year. He said once he realised this would be his role he embraced it and has played well.


I don’t recall him being that fumbly?


I’m sure Dees tried him on wing halfback at first. Didn’t work so they tried him forward…last resort. Pure fluke

Could always kick a goal could Jake


There’s about as much fluke in it, as Brown playing well as a forward this year


This is still the 2nd most prolific year of his career; he’s just not quite where he was last year.


You wouldn’t be saying that if he were playing for us. I wish he was.


is a spud


Wtf? Did you watch any Melbourne games this year?


i did not, but he played no good games for the bombers this year lmao


quality thread bump


I reckon Jake M played in a manner we would have loved our Jake S to play this year.

He had a great season from the Melbourne games I saw.


Where did he finish in the B and f?