Jake Melksham




Good result.


He had a better season for the Dees than any season he had for us, and by a considerable margin.


Melbourne… Nicked our CEO coaches Goodwin and Egan. Players Hibbert and Melksham. Fined basically nothing for tanking for 2 years and then blamed another ex bomber in Bailey. Used Dank after we did and got nothing for it after Trengrove admitted he was given Tb4. Our fines basically paid for Paul Roos…What did we get from them… Mark Neeld. They are down there with Carlscum for me. :thinking::point_down:


They can keep Goodwin


Goodwin is a very decent coach and a nice bloke.


He brought you the good stuff didn’t he?


also very Teflon


They were a complete basket years ago,managed win finals and make a prelim while Essendon has been trying for over a decade it’s embarrasing

I hope they crash and burn ■■■■ them


If we had as much help we would be looking at premiership 20 by now.


Yeah but we haven’t because we’re not a bunch of plebs.