Jake Stringer - Nominates Essendon


We’re going to have to offer something to help Gordon save a bit of face. Maybe a player from somewhere to muddy the waters around the value, maybe a pick from next year to allow him to talk up the better hand they have in next year’s draft. It will all be about making it appears to be a better deal for the dogs than the 11 deal was. This is what happened with the Carlisle deal where Bains could walk away saying “I didn’t just hand over 5”, and Dodoro could say “I got 5”.

Is there a way we can get a Kennedy or Schache, or some other player (Aaron Hall?) to the dogs along with some picks? I think that’s the way forward


Play the welfare card already


I am sure it is being played, just not publicly - the threat of it should hopefully be enough. No need to go full nuclear unless you have to.


■■■■ it go scorched earth with the dogs. Those parasites think they’re sapient.


Motlop compo could throw a spanner in the works ‘cause if it’s an end of first round there’s talk Geelong will bundle 19,20 and ask for Richmond’s 15 which they’ll hand to the Dogs.

Of course, if as Connors says Stringer wants Essendon that should count for something but who knows? Feels like a 50:50 proposition at the moment.


I don’t think it is 50/50.


Maybe we need to use Dogs and Suns in the trade.

Suns: Out: Saad, Hall In: 29, Ess 2018 Second Rounder, Lukas Webb
Dogs: Out: Stringer In: Hall, 24
Essendon: Out: 24,29, 2018 Second Rounder

  1. GC cannot afford to lose Hall.
  2. no one wants to move to the GC Suns. Thats the biggest problem. Its why the Ablett deal is stuck. Why we have to deal a pick for Saad.


could Schache be part of the stringer deal?

picks to Brisbane
schache to dogs
stringer to dons


Not yet


Nuclear, its pronounced nuclear…


which I hear is bad, real bad, like so bad


Woah, hold on there.
I’m becoming intimidated by your intelligence.


I highly doubt it, You win some you lose some. Its about time that fat pr.ck swallows his pride. Particularly after his poor handling of the situation


What can I say, I was in a meeting, they showed me stuff and let me tell… actually I can’t tell you all of it, hang on maybe I can… yeah well there is an island… and that is in the middle of water… so very hard to get to and then things go bad, so wrong, just bad… and then it causes all these problems… so yeah

I don’t want you to be intimidated… I’m just one of the people… talking in circles and nonsense…


with the dogs getting crozier i think they will soften their stance on stringer




Stringer apparently met with his manager and Atkins today. I’m sure its nothing, but imagine if Adelaide swooped with p 16


lol imagine of the Crows offer pick 10 for him.


Strange though because on Trade Radio Cooney said Stringer was in Queensland I think atm?