Jake Stringer - Nominates Essendon


The off-field stuff can’t be ignored. Whatever it is.


Who are your 8 (or so) standouts?


We’d probably pick a Jake Melksham with pick 11.


Darcy Fogarty
Jaidyn Stephenson
Cameron Rayner
Paddy Dow
Luke Davies-Uniacke
Adam Cerra
Hunter Clark
Jarrod Brander

Andrew Brayshaw also very close as is Sam Hayes and Lochie O’Brien


No Higgins?


Or Coffield or Constable (who Matt Balmer has ranked at #5 and #6 as of 04Sep)


How about our second and third rounder for stringer and they send us their 2018 third rounder could help points for Fletcher.


@barnz @chester those 3 guys are litterly 12,13,14 on my rankings haha

But yeah it’s a horrible draft :wink: Or so they tell you, I think the talent drops off massively after pick 40. Will struggle to find a Mutch or Clarke in that range


Think the drugs thing might be rubbish but he definitely does have another massive massive issue I know for fact which really needs to be addressed before we commit to him. Another potential thing I’ve also been told “if” true could really put a split between playing group… Big big risk IMO now


which is?


No No No and NO!

We can do better.




Put it this way. He is extremely poor at handling his finances


I’ll take that from you HM


Heard the same tonight


Remember seeing something like that in a post a few days ago, cant remember who said it now though.


Was me but have confirmed now it’s true. Hope he gets the help he needs. Should reach out to Ox or hopefully if we are keen have Disco do it


So how does he afford all the ice if he’s lost all his money gambling?


Sells it?


He robs banks with a gang called “The Kitten Drowners”.