James Garner


Could not get enough of the Rockford files as a kid. Great actor, and a sad passing.

Maverick and Rockford files, two really great shows.  Garner was a very good actor.

Loved his role in Support Your Local Sherrif! The guy was quite an understated comedian. Carried that through most of his work. Looked like he just enjoyed himself. Will be missed.



Jimmy would remember Garner's role from The Notebook with some fondness.

Oh loved him in the Great Escape. Great actor.

Another Maverick was Roger Moore…their English cousin Beau…after Bart and Bret.

Another Maverick was Roger Moore...their English cousin Beau....after Bart and Bret.

Beau always wore a white jacket. 

Rockford files...rocked kids!!


RIP you legend to understated humour.

Was a Korean War veteran who was on guard duty one night and was able to warn his platoon about an impending attack because... he could SMELL the enemy coming... apparently had a hyper-sensitivity to garlic and the Chinese and North Korean soldiers had quite a bit of garlic in their diets.  Also, his real name was James Bumgarner.  I laughed.


He was in one of the first films I ever saw, Up Periscope!  It was on at the Regent or somewhere like that, complete with Wurlitzer.  Nothing remarkable as a film but very well made and acted.  


He had the intelligence to see what a lot of crap it all was, but fun too.


I'll miss him.


Madison Bumgarner pitches for the Giants.
He'■■■■■ 2 grand slams this season.

Well bugger me.