James Hird Academy

Goodness. I want to play for them


That’s just the cheer squad.

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I can see you partying with all of them at the same time.

That sounds like a very good plan!!!

Great work - thanks, @Ants

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A tough player with the skillset of Andy Lovett sounds very very good.


That was just peachy.

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Moved over.


Patrick Cripps is 195cm these days isn’t he? If young Misiti has any kind of ability to find the footy then we have a real prospect on our hands!

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Sounds like Moore and Misiti are the two to watch going into season '21. Moore a neat outside type and Misiti a hulking FF/Mid, who, if he is up to 195cm will garner some attention in both roles considering his size, name and the bonfire on his head.

But I hope Misiti is playedthrough the midfield and not in the stuck deep in forward line for Calder (western?) this year.


depends…do we want him hidden?

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If he’s playing at Calder or Western, then that’s as good as being hidden

Misiti likely to play key forward or key back for Calder. I’d be surprised if they play him in the middle as he hasn’t played the role much if at all.


It’s in his blood


we just need Sheedy & Dodoro to watch 1 game where he racks up 45 disposals at school footy.


Just watched the recent Essendon Member video part 3 where they spend some time with the father sons.

I have definitely kept up to speed with this thread and can see some others have also been enthusiastic about Moore. He looks fast and strong in some of the video footage.

Out of the 4 players have any of these played any under age football of significance that points to their prospects?

The lid seems firmly on with Misiti hey @THE_DON1 . Would he have played TAC Cup last year?

Outside these 4 are their any others that are a realistic chance in 2021 draft?

Are their any other strong candidates outside the Davey boys for 2022? I have heard some mention of Luca Alessio, where is he playing and is he a KPF / ruck type?

We have 3 NGA players in Makeing, Egan and Foley who are all playing for Calder aswell. All 3 have some talent but Egan would need to grow a fair bit, Makeing has the best upside and Foley looks to have the best skills of the lot. I’ve heard good things about Alessio but I haven’t seen him play and unsure on his position.


Misiti looks like smack. Could be the big inside mid we are after if he has his dads ball winning traits.

Wonder what the prognosis is for Tex.

Hird’s comment that he has to pace himself to avoid becoming THAT would have stung.

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