James Hird Academy

just imagine for a moment that a player existed with all the best atttributes of Nat Rat and Lovett and none of the weaknesses…


Wing, half forward or half back. He can do a bit of everything. I don’t think he’s as tall as his Dad. (I haven’t seen him in person in 18 months so I don’t know if he’s grown or not) so I don’t see him has a 3rd tall at either end like his old man could also play. But he’s super versatile, that’s the take away.

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Keeping a firm lid on it, that’s what he’s like, he’s slippery like Andy, but he’s also hard like his Dad.


Ability aside, I can’t remember ever seeing a kid look more physically ready at draft age, and he is 12 mths from Rd 1 (assuming all goes well).

Looks genuinely frightening to be matched up on, hope he loves to belt ■■■■■

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Nyawi at a much younger age, not really relevant to anything but don’t recall seeing it at the time:

Ben how do you pronounce his name? Sounded like Na - wee in the EFC vid posted elsewhere but reads like N - eye - a - wee?

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It’s going to be interesting to see how Josh Misiti goes in the TAC cup.

As he said on the video, he’s now prepared to be able to outwork any other kids at his local club, after training for weeks with AFL players. That holds him in very good stead for this season.

I’m sure we’ll see abit of him in the VFL this season aswell.


yep will also be interesting where they play him - as a key tall, or if they give him stints in the midfield.

I had to laugh at Leigh Tudor talking about the importance of Father-son players, and these kids following in their dads footsteps.

But It’s not like these kids had a dad who scraped to 100 games and were solid serviceable players… literally legends of the club.


i think it is fair to say that nat rat was a solid serviceable player who became a legend because he wouldn’t take a backwards step to anyone at a time where, as a club, we were generally a bit timid onfield.


Unlike some players who have worn our jumper, NLM was one who got every single ounce, of admittedly modest, talent out of himself that he could and then some.


A little bit of both would be a magic combination. I’m looking forward to seeing how he develops this year.

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NatRat was a legend off the ground… the work he did off the ground was fantastic. He was the reason why we had such a strong indigenous culture, and carrying the mantle after Long retired and Sheedy was sacked.

It’s no surprise that it went down hill after he left.


Who was it who was winning B&Fs in WA a few years ago who did that? Red and white jumper, south freo maybe?

One of things that once seen, cannot be unseen.

Hope they correct A Hird.

Is that Apple juice?

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I was thinking about how it was reminiscent of his dad’s kicking.

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Also brought plenty of hatred for the Bluesers from his time at Punt Rd, plus a pro-tradie, if not quite blue collar, attitude.

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I confess to loving how Nat-rat’s kid plays already regardless of how many games he plays for us or how many Jr Carr bros’ kids he knocks over, although I’m guessing plenty and he won’t bugger off when the going gets tough either.


Josh Misiti shooting that handpass under Brand’s arm gave me Jobe Watson flashbacks


I agree he squeezed out all he could and wasn’t the most gifted player. But anyone who makes 100 games is doing extremely well. We tend to compare players against the best other players in the comp, not the average other players. At 145 games, nat rat had a career longer than 90% of draftees (figure correct within 1%, based on stats at 2017). Yes, much better players have had shorter careers (Coleman!), but lots would like to have been durable and selectable for that long, and never got there for whatever reason.

Anyway not disagreeing, but he had a very respectable career regardless of the enforcer role that’s all he’s reduced to in many people’s recollections.