James Hird: In football again*

Since it is obvious no-one has this info, it is best to close this thread then.

That would avoid abuse being hurled at innocent parties and their posts being deleted.

Or people could exercise restraint and post appropriately.

So I guess we're closing the thread then

Can't happen soon enough.


Didn't know where else to put this because the health thread has been closed. Mods please move or delete if appropriate.

Reported on AW tonight that Hirdy has been spotted around South Yarra in the last few days. Is apparently out of full time care and recovering.

I think that's probably the last news we will (and should) get on the matter but it's obvioualy good news if correct.




Yes! Hird boys playing footy again.

Great news as I thought they'd moved to soccer and would be lost to AFL.


I don't remember hearing anything about Dean Rioli's kid(s?) with regards to the James Hird Academy. Anyone know what he deal is there?


I suspect Nova's dog or ferret or whatever it is, barracks for some other team, the way its hiding its head from the camera.


At a Van Diemen Dons function in Hobart on Friday


Yes and nice to see that at least one person understands that if one is holding the cup and one is not in uniform then one should dress appropriately.


Thank you Reboot & Scorpio for posting those photos - made my day! :blush:So great to see James smiling & involved in footy.


Dean has slimmed down since his playing days


A couple more pics from the same function.


Wasn't me but thanks anyway. Great photos, great to look at.


Probably worried Deano would slap a bread roll around it and eat it.


Some great photos there. Thanks for sharing.


Best profile pic ever.




Really fantastic photos... so happy to see James back alongside Sheeds and Fletch. Also terrific to see him at kids footy with 2 other great people, Dean and Nova... Love 'em.n


hirds chest is peaking


What sort of sponsorship are you guys coughing up for that list of stars?

And I thought Greeny was there?


Great to see him smiling.
Just as importantly, it's great to see him in some capacity doing something with the club. Hope he slowly becomes more and more accustomed with the club to the point where he doesn't feel like an outsider.