James Hird: In football again*


Would this have been a club sanctioned function?
I hope so.
Would indicate James is back.


We have a certain level of access/interaction by the fact that we are a coterie as opposed to just a supporter group, so it's not about sponsorship dollars. Although that said, we sponsor Jake Long, TBell, and Josh Green.
And for this line up we really have Paul Little to thank. He is the one that got Hird to come. The club supplied Fletch and the cup, and Sheeds sort of invited himself! We were very very lucky to have this happen.

Josh Green was a seperate event at the casino on the Wednesday night.


Sheeds invited himself.

That's awesome.


Yep. He heard that Little was coming down, went to the club and asked what was happening, and booked himself a seat on Little's Gulfstream. And to be fair, Sheeds is the man who gave us our name so it was fitting.


Any reports on the event? What did Hirdy have to say?


So Little just rocks up in the personal jet? Where TF was he when we were playing that game in Wangaratta?


Started reading this post from the top and thought Hirdy was in hospital again. Took me a while to realize I was (re) reading the Jan posts. Scrolled down and saw photos of a smiling Hird...brought tears to my eyes. Phew. All is OK.

That's what happens when you read Blitz with a bad flu I suppose. My bad.


Travels in style does Paul.
One Gulfstream G650er on the tarmac in Hobart.


I can provide a bit of information as I was actually there.

Having said that you need to remember that these are private events and to allow the guests to feel that they can speak freely, confidences need to be kept.

The majority of the day was the guests telling funny stories, reminiscing and taking the ■■■■ out of each other.

It should be pretty clear (i.e. from the circumstances of how the event was organised and how they travelled etc) that there is no problem with Hird's and Little's relationship.

Fletcher looks like he could still play.

Hird was in good spirits and smiling and telling jokes and giving it to Sheeds.

When a comment was made that it was great to see Hird "part of the Club again", Hird responded that he had never left.

All were very happy with the team's progress and were positive about the future.

Thanks to the VDD executive for putting the event together. It was a great day for those of us who don't live in Melbourne and get the chance to see our heroes up close and personal all that often.

If you are ever in Hobart get yourself to Rockwall for a meal. Superb.



"Sorry Kevin, we haven't catered for..."

"Can i get a club sandwich? Don't suppose you'd be hiding any Moet around here would you?"


Good on y'all for supporting the boys, and sharing that info. Was Fletch in double denim?

Just out of interest.

What does it cost $ wise to be in a coterie group, and do you get anything more than this sort of access and recognition from the club? Do they actually do anything other than support the club?


I think they were at kids soccer match.


Please let that be Aussie rules.....not soccer???


He came to the BBQ first. We left a good impression!


Dean and Nova look like they could be siblings


Did he bring any CACAO HUNTERS chocolate?


The previous day's twitter post referred to watching her grandson play 'soccer' and had a soccer ball emoji. This post is about watching her son play 'football' and has a football emoji (albeit one that looks like a rugby ball).


I thought it was a pastie.


LOL, Dean Rioli probably did too!


Well done VDD's.........thanks for the pics. A shared happy feeling.