James Hird: In football again*


Haha, yes, that was my thought.
I used to live next door to a place Dean hung out quite a bit. We used to chat as we had a dart.


When a comment was made that it was great to see Hird "part of the Club again", Hird responded that he had never left.

Thanks for the report Fairybread, what a line. Something cinematic but also spiritual here- as if part of James and Essendon are one. "Strike me down Vlad, and I will become more powerful than you can ever imagine". Yes I may be exaggerating, but I don't just follow footy for the Champion Data spreadsheets.

Without giving away confidences Fairybread, what happened after this quote for the ages? Standing ovation? Teary hugs from Fletch and Sheeds? Blood oaths to celebrate our next flag together at Napier St around a bonfire of Age supplements?


"Paul's jet's a pearler!" - Dyson Heppell

Must have been an awesome day - great photos. Well done VDD, and well done EFC!


Yeah a real "pearler"!
I wonder how many workers he screwed over to get it....


All of them.


Just saw your Hird pictures on Talking Footy @Reboot


Great to see Hirdy smiling. Yesterdays game made me ponder what could've been with him, the way we played in patches within the saga was truly an encouraging spectacle. No matter the knock on him, you could tell there was mutual love between him and his players


Hurts too much to think about. Reckon Hirdy would have been a great coach. Was ahead of the game and understands it like few others.


Get him back


Hirdy never got a clear run at it.

2011 we were coming from way back. Which lead to the decision to implement a supplement program.

2012 we copped 7342 soft tissue injures.

2013 the ■■■■■■■ saga broke. Had the team 2nd on the ladder when reports suggests the AFL let the playing group know there was no way they would be allowed to play finals that year. Amazing performance to get the playing group to that position considering all the external distractions, all the media attention and even ■■■■ like the players having to be interviewed by The ASADA and AFL cockwombles.

2014 forced to sit the year out to appease the AFL for the ■■■■■■■ optics.

2015 player get cleared only for WADA to come over the top and destroy another season a put the final nail in Hird's coffin.


Nealed, harvey, mckenna all sacked exhead coaches, why not hird?


He certainly had the team playing for him - particularly in 2013.


Get your collective hands off it...it's not going to happen. Ever!


Won't come back while they're is still a couple of people at the club


Also winning interstate, which we couldn't prior, and now can't do again. Only time we've looked likely in the past 13 years.


That's simply not true.

He would have been at the Sheedy function last week had he not been overseas.

At the Van Diemen Dons function, when someone said 'it's great to have you back Hirdy' he replied 'I never left'


Ok. I'm sorry. You obviously know everything?


2013 is still our best year in the last decade.




Which people?