James Hird: In football again*


Lolz. Well if by 'everything' you mean those two things I mentioned, then yes, yes I do.


But how much of that is Hird being a class act and not disparaging the club?


Hird also said ( on SEN) " I'll never forget the people who stood up when most disappeared"


People who think they know everything annoy those of us that do.


Ooohhhhh so you know who thinks they know who gets annoyed by what do you? :stuck_out_tongue:


None I'm thinking.

Would have been just as classy and non disparaging to say 'Thanks mate' or 'Nice to be back'.


Is Neil Craig the main instigator?


Agree entirely and would have him back at the club as head coach in a heart beat, and I have absolutely nothing against our current coach.


Would be worth it just to see Carowhine spit ships - I mean chips


On the topic; http://www.heraldsun.com.au/sport/afl/essendon-produced-one-of-the-most-stunning-comebacks-in-its-long-history-to-topple-fremantle/news-story/1a179637094b980cea23016c7c09c9b3

how farkin good was this


Its what you learn after you know it all that counts!


One of the most epic wins.

As farmed as that year was, there were some amazing memories. 2016 also delivered some weird emotional experiences, the Nth Loss, and that last game at the G


You know it was an epic win when it results in 8,000 (allegedly) turning up at Windy Hill the next day for the VFL game.



I have a vision of Hurls looking Hirdy in the tear soaked eye and receiving the Norm Smith Medal from the champ. If thats not incentive to smash the rest of this season, I dunno what it.

Lets destroy the saints tomorrow!


I see what they're doing.
Wasn't enough taking away Jobe's Brownlow, now they've invited Hird to present the Norm Smith but conveniently failed to tell him to bring his and hand it over.
Don't trust them Hirdy!!


Thought it was a joke, but nope.

JAMES Hird will be welcomed back to football with the honour of presenting the Norm Smith Medal to the player judged best on ground at this year’s Grand Final.

The gesture comes just four years after the AFL banished Hird at the height of the Essendon drugs saga, and two years on from his exit as Bombers coach.

The Herald Sun can reveal AFL bosses have written to Hird, inviting him to return to the spotlight on football’s biggest day.

Hird is holidaying overseas with his family and is yet to open the letter. The AFL confirmed it had issued the invitation, but was yet to hear back from Hird.

But tonight Hird said he would accept the honour, which will see him on the premiership dais come September 30.

“If they (have asked me), I would love to do it,” Hird told the Herald Sun from Europe.

“It would just be good to be out there on Grand Final day. It’s obviously the best day in the footy calendar, so it would be a nice experience.”

The league’s invitation will be viewed as the first significant step towards mending its fractured relationship with Essendon’s former golden boy.But the AFL is simply sticking to a hidden tradition.

The AFL follows the order of past Norm Smith winners to determine who presents the medal, which until today has been kept a secret outside of league headquarters.

Shannon Grant (1999 winner) awarded Western Bulldog Jason Johannisen his Norm Smith last year, Andrew McLeod (1997-98 winner) presented Cyril Rioli with his in 2015, Glenn Archer (1996 winner) gave Luke Hodge his in 2014 while Greg Williams placed the medal around Brian Lake’s neck in 2013.

As the 2000 Norm Smith Medallist, this season is Hird’s turn.

Even Hird was unaware of the AFL’s sequence.

“I didn’t know that was the way they did it — but I’m glad it is,” he said.

Hird is one of just six players to win both a Brownlow Medal and a Norm Smith — along with Jimmy Bartel, Chris Judd, Simon Black, Nathan Buckley and Greg Williams.

Bartel explained last Grand Final day how cherished his Norm Smith was.

“I value them both equally. But emotionally right now (on Grand Final day) I probably (prefer) the Norm Smith Medal,” Bartel said.

“Because it’s Grand Final day and at least I’ve played a little bit of a role in helping us win a premiership.”

Judd and Buckley won their Norm Smith Medals in losing Grand Finals.



It irks me that they are probably using this to see what sort of reception he will receive.

Think all of us here already know. Was hoping he would say no.


I'm glad he's been chosen but if I was him, I wouldn't do it. He will be absolutely crucified. You wouldn't be able to hear him announce the winner.


Lol. Someone at the HS will be getting a phone call from the AFL.