James Hird: In football again*


If we somehow fluke our way there it'll be the biggest roar the stadium has ever heard, if we're not I hope he lets out a '■■■■ you' as he inevitably cops it from thousands. The reponse online (I know) has made my blood boil.


They’ll have opened the gates by the time Hird appears, right…


Well, I guess we have to win the premiership now.


And don't forget the Norm Smith while we're at it.


Geez do yourself a favour and don't read the fb comments or article comments on the story. What a messed up civilisation we live in, full of complete imbeciles who wouldn't know their head from their ■■■■


Yes, my initial feeling was of dread, and that has sadly been reinforced by the sheer amount of trash feeling emboldened to come out of their farking holes.


The mouth breathers are going off in the HS comments, but the vote is still 57% positive.


This thread is the funniest thing on the internet...
A list of players will be somehow more determined to reach a grand final because a former coach that half of them have never been coached by is presenting a medal on GF Day...

And with that, the Internet was finished.


Fear not. None of those high vis wearing degenerates will be able to afford a ticket to the day...


TBF if this was a person from another club I reckon I'd boo them too


This is exactly what's coming.
I despise footy media so much I've turned into a raging blithering bigoted crazy person.


I'm sure this is true.
Very torn on what is best. I'll hate seeing him booed on stage.
But I hate the idea of him not accepting this because of mindless masses.


Sen just mentioned Switkowski report :roll_eyes:


Why would any Essendon supporter listen to that farking station????????


Ohhh look at me AFL and my magnanimous gesture to allow fallen hero James Hird to grace our game again.

When in fact it was his turn.

Just fark off AFL house and all those who reside in it.


I've said for a few years that I reckon the journos already have their "The Redemption of James Hird" stories penned, ready and waiting for the AFL to say it's ok to release them.

This does nothing to change my opinion. It's the AFL's narrative. Either get on board, or get left out.


Not saying anything that we don't know, but James Hird is a great man and he doesn't need to either hide away or face anyone he chooses.

I hope he does it, as I will be there to cheer him and have Mrs Fox to be very stern with anyone who boos.

If it was me, I would tell AFL to fark themselves.


You should tweet him :slight_smile:




Yep. If you choose to listen you cant really complain. We all know how it will play out.

I see their ratings are in freefall. Id like to think that 100,000 essendon fans have played a part in that.