James Hird: In football again*


Gary Lyon has proved a popular choice...


The article I read said that all the shows have lost ground. Bartletts falling ratings pleased me most. Not really for him, more so for the regular segment flogs like denham, smith et al


If they are in freefall now, it isn't because of Essendon fans.
We would have jumped off somewhere around February 2013.


I think there's a real market to be filled with football discussion that's doesn't insult your intelligence.


Since the day James Hird was announced as coach people have wanted him to fail.

Unfortunately for them he actually turned a team around to become very competitive and win games.

In Feb 2013 they thought the moment had come to cut him down, but they still haven't broken him.

It's actually quite funny seeing morons like Francis Leach get up in arms and start yelling and screaming with complete disregard for the facts.

Was he completely innocent during the supplement program? No. Did he cheat? No. Is it the right of the 2000 Norm Smith Medalist to present this year's Norm Smith Medal? Yes.


Fark off with your gossipy controversial garbage. You're not as clever as you think you are.


No doubt. But if the core listening base was stripped of 50,000 four years ago, and now those drawn in by the controversy are finally getting sick of the continual bickering and malice brought to the table by Smith, Denham, Culbert then they should drop to a much lower baseline. In which case, we've played a useful part.

But you watch, they'll ramp up the controversy about another club and figure thats the way to get patrons back. The direction was set when they offloaded Robert Shaw, who actually talked footy tactics and gameday outcomes on a Sunday morning. Clearly the station has no interest in that pathway.


Anyway, to come back on topic, I suspect there's two factions within the AFL. The one that organises the Medal presentations etc probably just sent out the letter as per protocol. Optics brigade learn this too late, are horrified but They cant unsend that letter, so Optics look for ways to generate an outcry. One that either persuades Hirdy to decline or allows the Commission to say "look, the public reaction suggests this isnt quite the right time for Hird and we probably need to respect that view". The AFL get the result without making the hard call , instead pinning it elsewhere. As always.


I suspect the departure of the Rogue Scholar from the commission has more to do with why he's being brought back into the fold.


tell the AFL to stick there Norm Smith medal up their ■■■ Jimmy


I think it's too soon. At best, he gets no reaction. At worst, he has over 90,000 people booing him.

I don't want that for him. I get that's he's always about courage under fire but this is too much.


That was a cheep shot.


I listen to SEN occasionally because it's better than listening to the Crows/Port Dutch rudder fest we are subjected to by all SA radio stations.
Must say I hope that Dave Culbert........


I reckon they got rid of R Shaw because he was no good at radio. The content was good but Shaw's delivery was terrible. Hard to listen to.


Disagree on that one. I thought his presentation was fine. Err, no pun meant.


Yeah, Shaw mate ...


Hird should get up and straight in the microphone yell "WHAT HAVE YOU GOT TO SAY NOW MR DEMETRIOU?"


If you like stunted, sometimes confused commentary with no flow. Each to their own though.


Mr Demitiou will reply after finishing his mouthful of lobster washed down with a glass of Krug Grande Cuvée.


I think its great.

There will be an accompanying highlights package and various soundbites of reputable people singing his praises.

It will remind the masses of his true greatness to the game.

Many viewers will soften their anti-Hird stance.

Many others wont, but even if one person shifts their view it will be a step in the right direction.

Hird will at some point be named a legend of the game.