James Hird: In football again*


The irony of Scott McGrory's comments about Hird, while lauding his mate Adam White, reinstated as Orica Sports Director, after being banned for doping and confessing to doping for most of his cycling career with US Postal Team. White has served his time and not a problem for McGrory. Yet he has a problem with someone who did not dope and who opposed doping.


Allan should come out with a new piece about this, I reckon.


The timing of the Hird announcement is hard to ignore. The AFL are amazing when it comes to spin. They would have sat on the Hird announcement until they needed it. This is nothing more than throwing Hird under the bus to distract from their own morally bankrupt playground.


And McGuire and Brereton of course.


Someone tweeted another article using the Lance Armstrong / yellow jersey presentation metaphor again.

Who perpetuates this joke and why do people keep falling for it?


Broadly speaking, people are stupid.


The AFL is just using Hirdy as a ■■■■( p.a.w.n is filtered?)to deflect attention away from what is happening at AFL house.


That athletics guy? Couldn't be the husband of Sam Culbert who did not get her contract at EFC renewed, but continues to cite her time there on her CV to promote herself?




Internet comments are wonderful.


Well that, and the fact a not insignificant amount of the football public enjoy the fall of an AFL great, even if they have to help create that fall themselves.


Not only are they stupid, unfortunately they are getting dumber because they are losing the ability to discern.


Google her. Unusual name maybe related. Wouldn't that be synchronistic?


WTF....is that his wife?

So hang a sec. Here is this douche, ripping into the club at every chance he gets and it just so happens his wife was terminated from the club a few years back.

I found an interesting twitter exchange here: https://twitter.com/culbert_report/status/728061424669315073

If true, this bloke is a fraud and should be outed at every tweet.


Certainly appears he does not have an axe to grind



Mentions Essendon twice in that bio.


Has a photo with Millsy. Strangely appears to be using it to promote herself. I am not sure I need to know anything else.


As posted earlier, a number of corporate entities that have commercial arrangements with Jump Media have been made aware of Culbert's behaviour on twitter and elsewhere regarding Hird.

I think it's safe to say being an ignorant clown on social media isn't going to be a winning business strategy (although it does seem to deliver better results in US electoral processes).


David is a real charmer isn't he? Sounds as though he might not like the EFC too much. Quite an aggressive sort of fellow wouldn't like to be on the wrong side of him. Maybe its time to dig up any dirt to be found.


From that twitter exchange back in 2016, there looks to be plenty mdso.