James Hird: In football again*


Double standards, don't bite the hand that feeds you.. McGrory and Culbert are getting their incomes from sports institutions and sporting contacts tainted with doping and corruption - but don't have revenue streams from Australian rules.


I just Facebook-stalked Sam Culbert and found a picture of her with her partner who looks exactly like David Culbert. As in, it's David Culbert. So yes they're a couple. Plus she's a Hawthorn supporter.


And McGrory is a Carlton supporter


All makes sense then doesn’t it? A bit of snide medicine…


Armstrong and Hirdy are both all time greats.


Hirdy has apparently agreed to present the Norm Smith.

Again, wonderful timing that this info is released in time for all the footy shows… I wonder what other info is going to be revealed in the coming days?


He’s married? She really must be desperate to marry that prize


A bit of scene setting by some in the media, to the effect that Hird betrayed Jobe . Media accreditation for the finals assured.


The Rage acting as AFL media outlet. The author, Sam Duncan, says he has forgiven Hird for his governance failings, Carey has been forgiven so should Hird. Pfft …


Maybe James should write to Duncan, thanking him for his forgiveness.


■■■■■■■ who!?!?!?


Oh gee I’m so glad he’s got your vitally important forgiveness Sam, whoever the ■■■■ you are


Media making Hird all about them.


is it ironic that this site has ads running for the age in the james hird thread.


Aren’t they google ads?
Don’t they relate to the user’s browser history rather than what is posted?


don’t know but I haven’t clicked on the age website for over a year so I’m not sure how that works


In 2 days time, James is auctioning off the bulk of his jumpers and memorabilia…


Is there a webpage for this auction?


Was it ever said why this is happening? Pretty sad


Where can I buy this stuff