James Hird in losses

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I tend to remember our wins much more than our losses, and so many great pieces of play that I think of from our champions have come in victories. But it got me thinking about how many great highlights from somebody like James Hird came in unsuccessful games for our team.

So I ask the question, what are some of your favourite James Hird moments from games where we lost (or drew)? Could be one of his great goals, marks, tackles, great piece of play, whatever. Please be as specific as can you can regarding the season and the round if possible. Discuss…

Playing well in losses cant really remember many.
1996 Prelim loss he was pretty good, but Dunkley whacked him and he was on the bench getting stitched up at a crucial moment.
only remember scott brothers belting him in 2001 grand final and him having a shocker (carrying injury)

Was the WA game where Mcveigh went into his face a loss too?

Their the memorable losses for me.

The loss the top up side had to was it North? When they almost game back and pinched it.

People remember losses from 20+ years ago?

I mean I remember some of the finals but the rest, wow your memory is better than mine.


Eagles rd1 93 at Subi. Eagles coming off a flag in 92 and near unbeatable at home went over and nearly rolled them.


Got Brownlow votes in his last game vs West Coast although Rowan Jones did kick 3 goals and got 2 votes himself.


That goal vs Geelong in the 2004 Semi Final is the first thing that comes to my mind.


Lucas’s last quarter vs the Eagles in Hird and Sheedy’s last game. Is one of the best match winning performances in a losing effort you’ll see.


When hirdy played well, we generally won.


1991 vs eagles at WH. Had about 16 fit players and took them to the end, lost by 8 points.

Hird was massive in that game as well. Was very depressing at the time, the guy was clearly still our best midfielder by a very long way, and was retiring cos he was too old :confused:

I remembering him dominating a couple of (the many) Dreamtime losses in the mid 2000s too.


He and Lloyd both could have gone 'round longer than they did, the fact that neither of them played 300 for us has always bugged me. The handling of Lloyd was the worst part of the Knight’s Era.

Lloyd was his own worst enemy.


Hird didn’t play in that game?

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I tend to agree.
Having him play up the ground more often was the right coaching move at the time.

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Top up team was woosha year 1

Rnd 17 1996 at Subiaco Oval against the Eagles.

20 points down at half time (should have been by more). Hird, Mercuri and Che Cockatoo-Collins turned it on in the third quarter to turn that deficit into a 17 point lead at 3 quarter time. Hird in particular was just amazing. Was everywhere and scored two or three goals in that quarter.

The final quarter turned into an arm wrestle with the Eagles keeping us scoreless and scoring the winner with a Chris Waterman goal on the run from 50 mtrs out near the boundary at the city end to help get them over the line by six points.

It was a memorable game for me as it was Ben Cousins’ first season playing on Wanganeen, a young Matthew Lloyd sitting in the crowd amongst us Bomber supporters before the match ( he didn’t play in that match) and listening to Sheeds rip shreds off the team, for dropping the fiur points, for about half an hour outside the changerooms whilst waiting to get in after the game.

That match has stuck in my mind vividly ever since.

Was also at the match where Hird had his horrific facial injury and thinking that it was Sean Wellman doing a knee at first until Hird got up all covered in blood. Freo won that game by about 27 points. Gane didn’t reach any great heights but felt quite eerie after the Hird/McVeigh incident.

The draw against Richmond on Friday night footy in 1995 was another memorable game where Hird seemed to be prominent.

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Never seen a mid barking instructions and directing traffic like he did that game.

Was doing literally everything in his power to turn the tide and bring us back

And that goal…

Yeah, Lloyd was about the only great player of ours I wanted to retire. He was just never the same after that hamstring and it didn’t feel right watching him battle on plodders.

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Didn’t play in the top up game against roos that Scotty mentioned either. Figured we were just going with “good” losses that the club has had