James Hird — January 2017 onwards

Most intelligent thing that ■■■■■■■■ has ever said
Has an IQ of about 50 - perfect addition to the media

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I actually liked LRT. One of my favourite sydney players.

You don’t play in 2x Premierships sides, 7x years apart if you’re no good. He looked a little goofy at times but he was a very good defender in a very good defensive side.


After the positive Harvey comment about Hird should we consider him to comeback and play the James Kelly or Josh Kelly role?

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Brent Harvey, champion player and not a bad bloke. He’s got you covered for IQ, farkn clown.


The AFL has decided it’s time to say some nice things about Hird. I’m still waiting for an apology for what it did to him and a few others.


Harvey no, Hirdy YES!

Well sydney has to pay their gun midfield a lot, so they can afford to keep spud talls.

Sydney don’t have any spuds. Particularly 2x premiership spuds.

Hirdy could probably replace Jobe in the slow inside mid spot, resting forward.

For Darwin Bomber fans - Hirdy and Sheeds will be at a sportsmans lunch at Sky City this Friday 8/9.


It frightens me how easily controlled the public opinion of the masses is through shifts in media narrative.


Well I reckon he is a massive ■■■■■■■■, just like you ya ■■■■■■■ wanker

He consistently contradicts himself, if your comfortable with that then perhaps your IQ is around the 20 mark

A bit of decorum fella’s, we are in Jimmy’s thread don’t forget, take this outside.


It should frighten everyone.


The old adage of “the less you know the more you believe”


Well you learn something new everyday. I haven’t heard that adage before. :+1:


I thought it was the reverse … the more you know the less you believe and you realise that bullshit does baffles brains.

Saw Hirdy and Sheedy today who were special guests at a long lunch in Darwin.

Hirdy gave a no BS version of events for the full timeline of the saga and also about his depression and nothing was off the table. Incredibly honest and unfiltered.

Jimmy is a ■■■■■■ champion person and his heart bleeds for this club of ours. Damn proud to be in his presence today.

He addressed the Collingwood rumour saying that he and bucks go back to playing juniors together and are still pretty good friends. Their kids both play soccer together for a team which happens to be Collingwood, and this under 9s Collingwood team would be the only Collingwood team he’ll ever coach.

Buried that rumour.

Take that as you will.


His boys play at South Melbourne though.

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