James Hird — January 2017 onwards

No that was another brother Banjo McLaughlin




There’s a lot of stuff to criticise Middleton about, but I don’t think ‘protecting his AFL mates’ 'is one of the more serious ones. He actually said, in his judgement, that the case would have had more chance of success if it had been brought against the AFL as well, rather than just against ASADA.

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You’ve introduced me to a new word today - well done! And what a fantastic use of the word this is - totally appropriate in the case of this particular parasite…


Would be nice if Hirdy can present the Norm Smith to a former teammate on Saturday (e.g. Bachar)

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Hird not worried about Norm Smith boos
Travis King
Sep 28, 2017 2:24 PM

JAMES Hird isn’t worrying about the Grand Final crowd’s reaction when he presents the Norm Smith Medal on Saturday.

There has been speculation the former Essendon champion might be booed due to his role in the Bombers’ disastrous 2012 supplements regime.

But AFL CEO Gillon McLachlan hopes supporters embrace the 44-year-old’s return to the public stage, and Hird believes Adelaide and Richmond fans will be too busy celebrating or lamenting the result to focus on his brief appearance.

“I think it’s the least of anyone’s worries if I get booed or not,” Hird said.

"I think their focus will be on the Grand Final and the Norm Smith winner, which it should be.

“Grand Final day is a huge day on the calendar and a very special day for all footballers, so to present the Norm Smith Medal is a fantastic honour, and I’m looking forward to it.”

Hird won the medal in 2000 when he was Bombers captain.

It is his turn to present the award this year, and he had no hesitation accepting the invitation.

“Not really, no. As soon as I was asked I was pretty keen to do it,” Hird said.

“Football is something I have done all my life, and having played in a couple of Grand Finals and won a Norm Smith it is a great honour to be able to do it.”

A former golden boy of the competition, Hird coached the Bombers from 2011-15, although he was suspended for the entire 2014 campaign for his part in the supplements program, which resulted in 34 past and present Essendon players receiving 12-month bans from the game.

The dual premiership player has had no official involvement with the AFL since he fell on his sword as Essendon coach in August 2015.

Presenting the Norm Smith Medal could represent his first step back into the fold, but Hird was tight-lipped about any move back into football.

However, he was quick to throw cautious support behind Richmond to overcome Adelaide in this year’s Grand Final.

“I am tipping Richmond, (but) not with much confidence. I think Adelaide is a fantastic team and has probably been the best team all year,” Hird said.

“But I just think momentum for Richmond and their pressure on a day that might be a bit wet and cold could get them over the line.”


it wasn’t Hamish it was his brother Banjo, who in the past had worked with Middleton.

Thanks my mistake

Hirdy on RSN Breakfast this morning. Talking about presenting the Norm Smith amongst other things. Weird exchange between him and Rama at times, or so it seemed to me.

Edit: read Hardy instead of Hirdy… autocorrect ■■■■■.

I listened… I didn’t think their exchange was weird. If you are referring to the stuff about when Rama first came to the club… it has been spoken about many times in banter between Rama and other team mates - a bit of a running joke… I enjoyed the i’view. James sounded v relaxed - he and Rama are very good mates.


13 minute interview. 12 minutes about footy, grand finals past, this years grand final and banter. 1 minute on Hird and the Norm Smith Medal. A good, fun and interesting interview.

By habit I have the clock radio wake me up tuned to SEN. Might swap to RSN.


Loved the way he joked about not having his lawn repaired but the funniest part was he was disappointed they didn’t build a gate for him…

Heard it also, thought it was a really good chat. Rama, Bartel (Mon-Tue), Adam White all good on RSN, Harf just has to get the last remnants of SEN out of his system

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Anyone who boos J Hird tomorrow at the MCG is a bum.


I’m not going to take the moral high ground because I love a good boo and if it was a champion of another club in the same situation I’m sure myself and stacks of other Bomber fans would be the first to boo them


No chance. Bombers’ supporters are more sophisticated than than…


lol, 2014 v sydney.

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I said Essendon supporters are more sophisticated than that.

90% of the Bomber fans at the final this year booed the Fark out of Franklin when his name was read out over the PA and then cheered when he went off injured.