James Hird: Needs a lift


One of the reasons soccer is played so much in school is there is no contact so kids are less likely to get hurt. Teachers encourage non contact sports.


At our school AFL is played by the vast majority of children. However tackling children to the ground is not allowed, for obvious reasons. Soccer is definitely in the minority.


When I was in primary school there was a never ending game of footy before school, recess, lunchtime, recess again and we won a premiership when I was in grade 6.


agreed that was primary school markings up recess / lunch
and occasionally we would mix it up and play some basketball as well at lunch.
High school was more basketball in the mornings, not that much footy outside of training, or not that regular, not everyday.


At primary school we got banned from playing lunch time footy because it always turned into an all in fight. That, and some kid’s parents threatened to sue the school because of a broken arm that needed surgery as a result of a tackle.




Really glad I put my coffee down before seeing this, otherwise my laptop would have worn it!


Educated guess at the reason: they’re not allowed to because of tackling


If it was hirdy would not be so tight lipped


Something for the WA Bomber supporters


On Hirdy’s podcast on Friday they were talking about Voss and they said he’s back in the mix for a Senior job. Has that been talked about elsewhere? They gave the impression there has been other press about it.


I think it was more Hird saying with how Voss had revitalised the port midfield and sought out more training/ awareness about his coaching style he should be ready for another go. I don’t recall hearing the media bit you mention.


Well they didn’t specifically say he’d been mentioned elsewhere but the way they were saying he’s back in the mix I just got the impression he’d been mentioned elsewhere.

Hopefully St Kilda take him instead of Caracalla