James Hird: Needs a lift


What an amazing comeback to the public arena that will be. He will probably receive boos and cheers and lifted beers!


Charming that the AFL have to reveal the “secret formula” to excuse themselves for allowing Hird to exist.

P.S. We seriously need to get to the Grand Final now.


Hope he tosses the medal, grabs the mic and tells the AFL to get farked.


I disagree. Hird should do it as he has to step back into the football public arena sometime and this is an ideal opportunity. I’m certain that most of the footy public will support him, especially knowing what he has recently been through. If a few morons boo him, that says more about them.


I like his statement, “if they’ve asked me, I’ll accept”. Casting doubt on the fact they’ve actually asked.


And defects to AFL-X


The weird thing is if 10% of the crap that the AFL and the AFL-corrupted-media said about Hird was true then they would never ask him (regardless of their formula) to be involved at all, let alone on the biggest day of the year. But of course they know it was untrue.
No doubt the “media” will tell the story of the all-forgiving, caring AFL.
Happy for Hirdy to do whatever he wants and good to know he’s on holiday which is why the standard of footy journalism has dropped.


If GWS win there won’t be anyone in the stadium to boo him.


Hirdy presenting the Norm Smith to Jobe would be pretty ■■■■■■■ great.


Perhaps it might inspire greater motivation for our boys to try to get there?


We can dream, it would be outrageously good.

If we did happen to make it, I would have to find a way to get a ticket more than ever.

Tears, hugs, cheers by the Bomber faithful, Hird and players alike.


Ooooh, burn.


In the poll with the article, 67% are positive about Hird presenting.

If the Bombers happened to be there (I’m dreamin’) reckon we could drown out the morons pretty convincingly.


Has he agreed? Of just been asked?

I would have thought he’d tell the AFL to go f*ck themselves. If he has agreed, I’d imagine it was a pretty tough desision to make.

It’s like when the bully in the play ground, who has been tormenting you for the last year decides to do something nice for you.

You’d act with extreme caution.


And if he presents the medal to Jobe, I think the evil black shadows (like in that movie ghost), would emerge and drag Gill away in an agonising scream


If there was any question that he is an honest man, he’s tipped St.Kilda this week.


It’s kind of weird the AFL has leaked this and hird finds out via phone call from a HS journalist. Why not just wait for him to get back and open the letter?


Thats how the journo probably found out, opened his mail or hacked his phone


Or maybe the AFL sent him a letter knowing he was overseas and wouldn’t be able to answer it until too late and they had already asked someone else?


Fark the AFL