James Hird: Releases the lid right off!


He listened to Hirdy’s podcast and came in over the back fence


Now that the audi’ gone the club can hook him up with a stinger.


Everyone reads way to much into the pantomime of Hirdy good vs evil.

Hird got rich by being part of the boys club. He was a naughty boy for a while. But I have no doubt he will be back making himself and others rich as part of the boys club again.


Possible assistant coach next season, doing strategy/game plan? Meet up with Gillon to make sure they will support him when it is announced, also tell him to tell Mike fitzpatrick to STFU.


Maybe it was the Rhode Scholar sneaking in to try and steal some integrity?


Yes it’s interesting isn’t it?

We are very critical (with good reason mostly) of the incestuous boys club around the big end of town and the AFL. We cringe at the “I’ll scratch your back, if you scratch mine” and the comfy deals that they do.

What we ‘normal’ people fail to realise is, that they do these deals regardless of the history between them. The deal and making the money can be done even if you have bad blood with the other party. Lots of business deals get done even though the parties are suing each other over the previous deal.

The other thing we need to remember is that Hird was in that world, he was one of the boys in the boys club. So, as distasteful as we might see it, it’s no surprise that Hird is talking to McLachlan about possible business deals


Caro pls


Maybe someone just popped in to take out the bits that Jackson Taylor doesn’t need…


Spot on.


Caro would say it in a tone that is demeaning

I’m saying it in a tone that is praising

Hirdy gunna make bank


Oh I agree with you. I just wanted to make a Caro joke


Not in the same league. Hird made money playing football at the top level. He studied while he was playing, set up a business with a couple of savvy mates, worked unfriendly hours to help the business get on its feet and was lured back to the club when repeatedly asked to save it. I reckon your inference he’s part of that boys’ club - the one that makes money out of owning stadiums, dodgy education & training institutions, gambling and ‘health care’ are pretty insulting.
He certainly did not inherit a farm or any such wealth as you’d associate with polo and racing. He came from a pretty humble home, mother a teacher, father a public servant. He has achieved his success by damned hard work, by education and by marrying a well educated woman.
When ever I’ve had the good fortune to bump into him, I’ve found him polite, natural and even a bit shy. It’s amazing how people can be so mean spirited about someone’s talent or success. And then to tar him with the same brush as those awful types who make up the boys’ club that do the dirty on anyone who defies their power, it’s astounding. Smacks of jealousy.


So you know what the discussions were about? Please share your notes.

Genuine question: is Tim Watson part of the boys’ club or Matthew Lloyd?


eh? You are really reading way too much into it. He is part of the football ‘fraternity’, ‘boys club’ whatever the fark you want to call it. He found a commentating job post his playing career, wrote for newspapers etc, those are the quintessential fraternal appointments. I’m also sure he made various other connections with people higher up in the hierarchy. Good for him for taking advantage of them for his, and his family’s benefit.


Whird got witch by being pwart of the boyssss club


I have no idea what the discussion was about and if I did the last place I would share it is here


Thank you for your calming words. Yes, he’s used his knowledge of the game wisely. Of course that was all taken away from him after he finished at Essendon. I reacted because he doesn’t seem to have ever been the ‘big end of town’ type and that’s whom I was understanding the boys’ club to be. You know, the Mike Fitzpatricks and others who make their money out of businesses they run that have big contracts with the AFL, they’re the boys’ club in my mind.


Whether anyone likes it or not.

All these people move around the same circles.
They’re all in buisness together. They all sit on different boards. AFL/ buisness industry in Melbourne is like politics.

They’re all looking after their own assets, regardless of who they need to work with.


Agree with this. There are a few posters who take every opportunity to have a pot shot at James Hirds character with similar types of comments.


I’m happy to know you have a sense of discretion.
I’m hoping Gil requested the meeting to apologise for the lies, the suspensions and allowing the public to believe the drug cheat rubbish.