James Hird: Releases the lid right off!


sigh, fine.

I hope Hird smashed a whole espresso machine over gils head


I hope Hirdy sends him a nice fat invoice for the consultation.


But he is a part of the boys club. His old man was what, president of the club? He was best mates with another president of Essendon, who’s father was the former chairman of the AFL, prior to that he had commentary roles thrown at him.

If you ask me, if you dont think he is, or was involved up to his neck with the boys club that is the AFL, then you are kidding yourself.


Complete waste of time. You’d have to know what it actually looks like. Gill’s got no clue.


Richie Aprile likes this.


Troll : an ugly cave-dwelling creature depicted as either a giant or a dwarf (in folklore) ( and other places too).


I hope James gave Gil a beauuuuuuuudiful lether jacket


Given the size of Hirdy’s ears, they must have been really quiet.


James Hird’s car has been stolen after intruders broke into his Toorak home, in Melbourne’s south-east, overnight.

Police say the robbery took place between midnight and 1:30am while the former Essendon coach and his family were at home, but they were not hurt.

A silver Audi Q7 station wagon, registration XCA-676, was stolen.

Police also believe electronics were taken from the home.

“Stonnington Crime Investigation Unit detectives are investigating the circumstances surrounding an aggravated burglary in Toorak overnight,” a Victoria Police statement said.

"The occupants, who were home at the time, were not disturbed during the incident."

The former Brownlow medallist was a central figure in the Essendon Football Club’s supplements saga that engulfed the team from 2013.

Anyone with any information about the robbery is urged to contact Crime Stoppers.


Boys club might have had a good business nose to cultivate someone who did not go to a private school, without inherited wealth and without any family connections in the Melbourne business boys club.
But, dropped him when he was no further use and David Yallouz the only one prepared to be associated with him in business.
And, he had the communication skills to be engaged in the media. There are many good footballers who do not get taken up by the media for that reason.
And you can bet that when he had the likes of Crameri home for dinner he was not putting it on his expense account.




Dimma’s laptop??


For facts sake.
His father lived in Canberra where he worked as a public servant so was certainly not president of the club.
His grandfather was a teacher and after playing with the firsts and then coaching the seconds, he joined the committee. He rose through the committee to become president during VFL days when anyone could be president of a club.

I think the other sycophant you’re referring to as a friend, in fact turned out to be really part of the big end of town boys’ club.


It was his grandfather who was pres of the club… If he was ‘up to his neck’ in the boys club they didn’t help him during the saga… instead they lied and concocted a plan to make him the scapegoat… At the same time making sure that their msm friends followed a narrative of ‘Evil James Hird’.


deckham smash


Hird finished a double degree (half being Engineering, so stupid hours) in 1996 in the normal number of years while winning a Brownlow; so yeah, I reckon he has a bit of a work ethic.


And without any polical connections to save him.
Bomba and Danny were in much the same position.
Evans cultivated Hird, as he has cultivated some players to feature at his golf course.
By the time Hird came to Melbourne, the grandfather had long retired from any office. Whatever residual influence he might have had in the football world, he was long gone by 2013.


So its like we thought. He really does have no integrity and zero principles.


Four weeks ago i sat next to James Hird for 15 hours on the way back from America ,and the way you describe him is one hundred percent spot on.


Did you pretend to fall asleep, and kinda…lean over and rest your head on his shoulder?


Haha it was an night flight.