James Hird: Releases the lid right off!


So basically, what you’re saying is…you slept with JAMES HIRD (CENTRAL FIGURE IN DRUG SAGA) and you did so in public.
Got it.


Are you French?


Good to see he’s representing Essendon so openly.




Don’t mention the war.


Just wondering if cassins_dressing_gow was robert walls" mythical French mistress.


But, in that same article Zerrett said he was pleased to be playing with Geelong. Has the mid season draft come in without the AFL telling anyone but Zerrett and Jackets?


Out Zerrett
In Hird


Hird needs a lift, can’t afford a Myki like Woosha


Did you bring the measles with you?


Dammit, I knew I forgot something…


I can honestly say i wasn,t.


The hair just keeps getting better and better.


I was lost trying to follow the last dozen posts or so, but CaesarCod has got it back to a place I can understand.


C’mon…read it properly.


Getting as forgetful as Deckham - must remember to put in sarcastica font.


Can we get back to how the coffee machine was dropped on Gil’s head?


I heard that Gil tripped and fell onto the coffee machine. All by himself.


As a matter of interest, does anyone know what Gach Nuyon is doing these days?