James Hird: Releases the lid right off!


So, a Home Invasion and theft whilst asleep, … in Toorak??

I don’t know, … but I reckon that’d be a pretty rare event in that Neighborhood.

Plenty of dollars normally means plenty of security, . so I wouldn’t imagine it would be a prime area for these types to try their luck, and surely the Hirds had some security system, … so how does a bunch of, what are usually amateur teenage gang types, just walk inside ??

Might be a bit suss, … particularly when in such close proximity to the Coffee with Gil, … another really unusual event … it all smells a bit odd :thinking:


You dont tend to have the alarm on if you’re home - especially if you’ve got teenagers coming and going. I daresay there is CCTV footage.


At 2 am, … when the whole family’s in bed asleep?? Dunno …


agree that the timing is weird but what motive would Hird have to stage it?


Nah, robberies in Toorak only get reported in the media if the robbed is a central figure in the Essendon supplements scandal or if the robbers are a gang of a certain ethnic origin.


Stage it?? :face_with_raised_eyebrow: Wut?


I think it happens more than the media are reporting. Hirdy just happens to fit the ‘click bait’ category.


Sorry I misunderstood. Do you think it was related to his meeting with Gil?


They are happening plenty. Apex gang. Which is basically just kids doing random thefts.

Home invasions to steal keys and then take the cars. Toorak and other similar spots continually occurring due to expensive cars.


Don’t know, … the timing of the 2 highly unusual/unexpected events is just very weird, … and like I say, these walk inside to get the keys to the car types would normally go for low risk houses, unlikely to have alarm systems etc, … I would think.


15 year olds allegedly


So there must be a lot of very rich, and also very stupid people living in Toorak who don’t have, or at least don’t turn on their Alarm systems at night, despite this very thing happening a lot in their community, .?? I would find that surprising.


Well in fairness to Jimmy I know the new q7 will come out later this year and looks awesome.


And is "Taking “Electronics” along with the keys for the car usual??

Not sure I’ve heard of that before in these sorts of cases, IIRC, it’s more get the keys, and GTFO …


Ah Blitz. Don’t ever change.


Probably wanted to trade it in on an Alfa guila qv anyway


Yeah having the perimeter or window sensors you’d expect should be happening. But I also think you’d be lulled into false sense of security, quiet Toorak street. All the doors/windows locked etc

It’s not something really ever had to worry about except over last 1-2yrs. There is that many cars being stolen in Melb at present. It’s out of control.

The apex kids are literally competing against each other on what they / how many they bring back


just move into a bikie neighbourhood.


Hard to hot wire a car these days, often requires a break-in to steal the car, why not take what else you can easily carry?


In between talking about jets and moving teams about the country did Hirdy advise gil it would be best if oldfitzy just shutthefuckup?