James Hird: Releases the lid right off!


Might be in Hird’s interest for Fitz to keep talking, also for Gill to have a try ( seeing how good a command of the English language he has).


Break-in most likely done by S McClure or one of his communication specialist mates who were camping out on Hird’s lawn for months


Well played!

That gave me a genuine LOL moment. Deserves more than the one like I can give it!


Drug Lord Robbed By Dark Skinned Robbers


As told by the Weapon to Luke Darcy probably a police raid and seizure.


Try having the ■■■■■ Air BnB across the road from you monthly.
They do it so they don’t have to track back to the peasant suburbs at the end of the night. The stuff I’ve seen, especially guys punching females in the street, is alllll messed up.

Mind you it’s also funny when they’re Air BnBing on the top floor and the cops rock up. It rains gram bags so they’re not caught with the stuff on them :joy:


Blitz head scratchers-

Chairman of EFC L.Tanner grateful of the AFL
Hird meeting Gil in clandestine cafes twice in a week
Dickzpatrick on the couch


The normal years for that double degree were 5 full time.


Or, the small incident when everyone out, plus car, not much missing, locks etc changed , security updated. Next night, everyone home, car parked, no break-in. Car goes missing overnight - thieves had nicked the spare car keys.


Not saying he doesn’t have a work ethic btw.


Dare I say he’s moved on from the past few years?


Which he did.

(insert obligatory story how that course that year was my second choice, but I equalled the Monash entry score to get my first choice)


but he started in 91…


…didn’t he…

…it was a long time ago…


what year did civils do MT206?


Do tell


Pretty sure that’s not the case (still would have been 17yo).

He started at the club in 1991, though.

Hmm, Wikipedia via old RMIT page claims 1998 finish. He did an an interview late in 1996 noting he was about to graduate, though, and the degree listed is wrong.

Totally slacked off and dropped half the course?!?


He’s older than me. I started in 91.


Back in those days first half of year birthdays started uni at 17. (oh the dramas of the pub crawls…)


I’m a month younger than him (hair is not luxurious) and I started in 1992.