James Hird: Releases the lid right off!


Ha you’re a month older than me then!! (of course I have no idea what Canberra schooling ages were!)

(btw my mate turned 17 in 1991 (a full year younger than Hird) and was at RMIT then…but he was a freak …in many ways!!)

Anyway, I have no idea, and I assume I’m wrong. It was a long time ago.


It’'s funny, I am (in my mind) 100% sure that he was part time CivEng in 1992. It’s just one of those “facts” that was always the way things were. Given he was the only remotely public figure regularly seen wandering the halls of Building 10/12/14…

(also note there was no double degree until about 93)

But now I completely doubt everything that I remember!


What, you didn’t recognise the then-new Australian Boomerang Champion doing the same course?

(He retired shortly thereafter — a shocking waste — and then I first met him when we lured him back for the 2008 World Cup. Straight away he set an Australian record for Endurance. Freak.)


What the hell?


There are like 150 unread posts in here, so I just jumped to the very end to see where it’s at, and this is what I read?

Now I’m certainly gonna have to scroll up.


It’s not worth it.


I used to walk those halls too and often saw Hird. This was in ‘94/95, before I dropped out. This doesn’t help the conversation at all, just thought I’d mention it.


I think our club should diversify into an eBoomerang competition and make you captain of the Boomers. I’m assuming you are past the real thing due to knobbly digits from weekend supertexting marathons.


I wouldn’t assume that Gil comes to Hird with cap in hand. As Andrew Demetrio said, “They don’t call him the negotiator for nothing. Better to have him working with us than against us.”

Gill has a huge sense of self preservation. He comes from old money but is wealthy in his own right. As someone else said, deals which can enhance many people’s bank balances, whether those people actually like each other or not is irrelevant. Business connections do not have to run parallel with personal relationships/friendships but can and often do. Using other people’s money if possible, is the name of the game.




I think he started working so probably switched the last few years to part time.
Fun fact…
The channel seven building was magically won by his company.
And he magically ended up working on the project.

I imagine he did get some ‘boys club’ perks, but he pretty much worked for it. Doubt he’s getting as many perks now though.


So Hird forward and back. Got it.


Who knows one day in the future we might :smirk:


Title should be lyft


I’ d rather bomber coach us on bail while coked up and peaking on E than hirdy.

People do rememver James tried to take hiss own life based on what happened? how do you think that would go down with Tania and the Kids walking back in to coach Essendon?

FFS. some people have ZERO clue.


Hird has a different version of HIS story than you Vanders, so I would leave off the accusation that others have no clue.



It’s way better to say nothing and just appear stupid, … than to open your trap and confirm it.


He confirmed his meeting with GM but gave no details and stated it would remain confidential.

How long before AFL leaks a version of it?


I think he is saying the stress he and his family were under last time as EFC was enough to make him attempt suicide so Tania probably wont want that again.


I heard him say he was drinking heavily, depressed and taking sleeping tablets every night so he could sleep with a face full of metal. That night he was drunk, careless and took too many pills, but he said he never had any intention of taking his own life.