James Hird: Releases the lid right off!


When/where did he say that?


if I remember it was at an event with Kevin Sheedy


In another podcast when describing his facial injuries, he said they don’t affect his life, so…


Come on people. Of all the topics we really do not need to speculate on this.

Hirdy got help and looks to be doing better.

We don’t need to know any more details than that.


15y/o kid charged with knocking over Hird’s house. 15…


Apex Gang kid no doubt.


I love Crawford enlightening us the general punter on how wacky clarko is.

That international rules convo was a hilarious, i was in stitches at work hearing Brett Kirk tagging Hird on the AA International rules junket.


Might be true but I love how everyone just goes to that…happened in my office talking about it too.

My house was entered and our car stolen…it was kids…all white…druggo had given them cash to take the keys


It’s just so ■■■■■■■ great to hear a couple of ex players talk about the game without all the tabloid bullshit. Hirdy is good but the surprise is Crawford. He got type cast on the footy show but you can tell he’s got real insight and is a pretty decent tactician.



Watch him not even go to “juvenile detention”. The prisoners do what they like there anyway though…


Hmm, a 15 year old kid successfully burgles a mansion, with no apparent assistance, guidance or even “encouragement”… I’d like to be a fly on the wall in the police interview/lawyer-client discussion.


Maybe he went to school with one of the Hird kids and pinched their keys?


The powers that be talk about Juvie Centres as if the violence going on, like setting fires, climbing onto the roof to protests because they don’t think their needs are being met. The burning of buildings is NOT something new. Its been happening for twenty years that I know about, I worked there. It was almost
like you could feel the build up of frustration and anger, when this happened no one was safe.

Bribes to change behaviour are NOT even a short term fix. In long term, it simply doesn’t work doing
this. Others watching, model the same behaviour when it is seen that someone else is getting their
needs met. Department of Justice and Department of HS need a youth training centre similar to a maximum security jail and another centre along side for kids who are not yet hard core.

These two centres could also be linked by an underground drive way passage. Prisoners can be moved and shifted elsewhere in safety with little distraction. Until this happens or the current thinking changes nothing will alter. Its a long road to nowhere.


Aren’t they building a new facility at Werribee? The issue is too many “do-gooders”, for lack of a better word, having an influence on DoJ when they don’t understand ■■■■ about these people. They have never had to deal with dysfuncional people, they’ve never heard their stories. They don’t understand how irrational and dysfunctional some people are, nor do they understand why. Some people cannot be saved, it’s an unfortunately reality that they are not willing to accept.


From Dandenong?


Maybe he was a kid of one of the journalists who camped out on Hird’s lawns for all that time, and did some advance scouting?


“Chainsawing” is the best thing to come out of the podcast. The way they go on about the term, egging Crawford on, is hilarious.


That is absolutely true, sadly. Some people actually do want to keep doing what they’re doing. I can’t figure out why the system just keeps trying to force change upon them. The more choices and the more help available, the more they resist it. Its like watching people running into brick walls. They figure it out eventually, it hurts and they stop. The rhetoric about equality, in some cases is bullsh1t. There will always be greater and lesser people on all levels of existence.

I agree people who want to tell their stories ought to be able to do that in a safe environment, to someone who is interested in listening. After listening, you realise that mankind hasn’t changed much in thousands of years, we just keep going around in circles. Our patterns of behaviour keep us on the treadmill.

The biggest mistake ever made by do-gooders, was the dismantling of the Mental Health System. Jails were already dangerous places, this idiotic decision made a bad situation a whole lot worse.


Brett Kirk WTF :rofl: